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Meaningful Use, Data Quality and Data Access – Three Sides of the Same Coin

I had the privilege to be invited to testify to the Health I.T. Policy Committee workgroup on the topic of data quality back in November. I’ve been an advocate for the work of the committee for years and am constantly impressed with the considerable insight and genuine passion they bring to their work. The opportunity to testify, however, was my first opportunity to actually participate in the policy-making process and it certainly was both a learning opportunity for me, as well as a chance to share my thoughts on the important topic of data quality. (more…)

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ROI From Electronic Health Records is All About the Data, Not the Application

I’ve been advocating for years that replacing the paper chart with an electronic system is not the value of the EHR, but rather collecting data that can be used to understand and improve care. So I was very pleased to see Dr. John Showalter’s blog address this very issue – making a compelling case with real-world examples where wisdom derived from data has made demonstrable improvements in healthcare quality and corresponding reductions in cost. (more…)

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Healthcare and CEP – A Discussion

In this video, Richard Cramer, chief healthcare strategist, and Scott Fingerhut, senior director, product marketing, CEP, Informatica, discuss healthcare and CEP (Complex Event Processing).

Richard and Scott cover the following topics:
– What is CEP;
– How CEP pertains to healthcare;
– How CEP differs from data warehouse analytics;
– What some of the applications of CEP are in the healthcare environment; and,
– Where the opportunities are for companies who have already invested heavily in meaningful use and EHRs.

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Healthcare and Application Retirement Part 1

In this video, Richard Cramer, chief healthcare strategist, and Claudia Chandra, senior director, product management, ILM, Informatica, discuss healthcare and application retirement.

During this discussion (the first of two videos), Richard and Claudia cover the following topics as they relate to healthcare:

– The business case for application retirement
– Additional drivers for application retirement

The second video, discusses application retirement project scope, enterprise IT initiatives and how application retirement is the fastest way for IT to save money now.

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The Amazing Value Of Lean In Health Care

I agree with Michael Porter’s statement in a recent New England Journal of Medicine[1] article when he says “Value should always be defined around the customer, and in a well-functioning health care system, the creation of value for patients should determine the rewards for all other actors in the system.” The article goes on to say “This goal is what matters for patients and unites the interests of all actors in the system.” Which is exactly why Lean can deliver amazing results in improving health care. (more…)

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Data Quality – An Expanding Ring

I was talking to a customer the other day who is about to embark on a data quality quest.  He asked me to explain my view of a data quality initiative.  I explained to him that data quality is a never ending process.  I said it was like dropping a pebble in the water.  The initial ring is small but slowly expands outward.  The data quality process is similar.  You start small, with one application or one subject area, show some success then look to expand the process with additional applications or subject areas.  Then expand further to additional business units or business functions until you have encompassed the entire enterprise.  Then just when you think you’re done, you need to continue to monitor and repair data because it will degrade over time.

While what I said was true, he said that the business would reject that description out of hand.  Business believes that all IT projects are never ending projects.  It is this thought process that always pitches Business against IT.  Business believes that IT never delivers a finished project.  His analogy is that Data Quality is more like building a building.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get the foundation right, then you need to add the structure, electrical, water, communication, and finishing work.  Then you move in and begin to use the building but you’re not done. (more…)

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With Life And Death At Stake – Why Aren’t We Exchanging More Health Information?

Why is it that I can log onto my bank website and access all my financial transactions at the click of a mouse, including check images, statements, and reports for the past seven years – yet my medical records are locked up in medical provider offices and none of them are accessible over the web?  After all, it’s my data since it is about me. And isn’t it more important than financial information?  Financial data is just about money, but my medical data is a matter of life and death. (more…)

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Health Care Is Ready For Lean Integration

In my last post I wrote about how 2010 will be The Year of the ICC. For the health care industry, 2010 could be the Year of Lean Health Information Integration. Integration Competency Centers have been in existence in health care for over a decade – they are called Health Information Exchanges or HIEs. One of the first (if not the first) was the Indiana HIE which began in 1994.  There are now over 150 HIEs across the U.S. as per the eHealth Initiative website. (more…)

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