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Non-Traditional Challenges To Achieving Data Quality (Part 3)

In my last posting, I introduced the 4 Data Quality Gap Areas that are associated with the non-traditional challenges to achieving data quality success and discussed in some detail the Data Quality Expectations Gap. In this post, I will cover the Positioning Gap.

The Data Quality Positioning Gap

Once we have identified our customers, determined what motivates them and defined the offer, we need to market or “position” our solution. And it goes without saying that we need to do this within the context of what problem we are trying to solve. Enter the third non-traditional challenge…….data quality is incorrectly positioned as an end, rather than the means. More times than not, this is the direct result of not understanding customer motivators as outlined in my previous post on the Expectations Gap. We erroneously conclude that the customer is looking for data quality and we further perpetuate the mismatch between expectation and message. (more…)

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