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Big Data Meets Sentiment Analysis!

So now you are interested in proposing Big Data projects, but are skeptical about getting business excited about yet another IT project?  Somehow the business did not want to talk about data integration, data quality and master data management despite all the homework you did to propose a plan of action? Enter sentiment analysis.  (more…)

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Why MDM and Data Quality is Such a Big Deal for Big Data

Big Data is the confluence of three major technology trends hitting the industry right now: Big Transaction Data (describing the enormous growing volumes of transactional data within the enterprise), Big Interaction Data (describing new types of data such as Social Media data that are impacting the enterprise), and Big Data Processing (describing new ways of processing data such as Hadoop). If you can imagine companies having problems with business-critical master data such as customers, products, accounts, and locations at current data volumes, now that problem is compounded many-fold with the growth into Big Data. That’s where MDM and Data Quality come in as the fundamental solutions. So, why is MDM and Data Quality such a big deal for Big Data? (more…)

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Harnessing Social Media With Informatica

Improving sales and service through customer centricity requires listening to and understanding your customers. And where are customers speaking these days?

You guessed it—social media. Just think about it. Each day, customers tweet 50 million times on Twitter and update their Facebook status 60 million times. Add in LinkedIn and user reviews and YouTube and blog commentary and more and you’ve got a customer data gold mine and a new frontier for marketing.


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Community, Content And Collaboration – More Confusion Than Ever!

As CIOs embark on their enterprise 2.0 strategy, even more confusion exists around the topic of community, content and collaboration.

Let’s first clarify some nomenclature by defining enterprise 1.0.

These enterprises were happy with implementing document management systems, search, portals and establishing security strategies to protect the perimeter. In this world, you are either inside or outside of the company network. If you need information, you would first need to somehow connect to the network.


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The First CEP Engine: Our Brain

I was getting ready to head to Brazil for a series of presentations to insurance and banking companies. I decided I better bone up a bit and called a friend who was a disability claims investigator. Her company is contracted by employers and insurers to determine if workers compensation and disability claims are fraudulent.

She told me a fantastic story.  She detailed how a 52-year old man (name and residence not given) had gone on disability with a lower-back injury.  She had done a number of her routine checks including two face-to-face meetings and after hours spying to make sure he wasn’t faking it.  Something new she had started to do was to Google the person, which she did with this man. She told me that, sometimes she finds their Facebook accounts unlocked and easy to watch, but that wasn’t the case with him, although he did have a Twitter account. She checked out the Twitter account and saw he was a pretty active tweeter but nothing on it was suspicious.  She decided to follow him. (more…)

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Driving Data Integration through the Social Network

I read an interesting report in dmreview last week.  Entitled “Survey Shows Chief Marketing Officers Haven’t ‘Friended’ Social Networking Sites” it analyses a report that suggests my peers are not too interested in social networking.  I’m surprised by this, given the role social networking has in today’s society.  That then had me thinking about our marketing strategy here at Informatica and the role of Facebook, and other online communities, in our activity.

Before talking about social networking, I thought I’d start by stating the obvious – the role of marketing here is to raise the awareness of Informatica within our target audience and to partner with the sales organization in executing programs to find opportunities for our technology and services. (more…)

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