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Community, Content And Collaboration – More Confusion Than Ever!

As CIOs embark on their enterprise 2.0 strategy, even more confusion exists around the topic of community, content and collaboration.

Let’s first clarify some nomenclature by defining enterprise 1.0.

These enterprises were happy with implementing document management systems, search, portals and establishing security strategies to protect the perimeter. In this world, you are either inside or outside of the company network. If you need information, you would first need to somehow connect to the network.


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Web 2.0 Changes Enterprises’ Architectural Tastes

Web 2.0 – the constellation of technologies and methodologies that cover everything from collaboration to clouds to mashups – has been the darling of the consumer Web for several years now. With a few keystrokes, users can tap into huge global communities, mine rich veins of online data, and assemble their own lightweight applications.

While all this excitement has whirled around the consumer Web, the impact on enterprises – and how enterprise architects should view Web 2.0 – has not been clear. Until now. (more…)

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Business Intelligence, Light and Fast (Part 2)

In my last post Business Intelligence, Light and Fast (Part 1), I talked about how Web 2.0 technologies hold a lot promise for the spread of BI. But how are organizations putting this approach into everyday practice? (more…)

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Business Intelligence, Light and Fast (Part 1)

Can business intelligence benefit from the current excitement around the rise of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0? Some say the intersection of BI and Web 2.0 will advance us into “Business Intelligence 2.0,” which promises up-to-date information and actionable insights about every aspect of the business. Fellow blogger Rick Sherman recently observed that BI 2.0 isn’t just about tools and technologies, but about “getting more comprehensive, consistent, correct and current data…. We can finally interweave data from the data warehouse with real-time and event-driven data via our data integration efforts.”

Can Web 2.0 make the promise of BI 2.0 more of a reality? (more…)

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