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Search Advertising – The New Marketing Mantra

Search Advertising also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a totally unique medium for attracting new customers. It is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries. Through the same search engine advertising services, advertisements can also be placed on Web pages with other published content. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN gives you a total reach of roughly 86.4% of all Internet users. With such a broad reach, Search Advertising is one of the most extensible forms of advertising available, with added benefits that other forms of advertising are lacking.

In Search Advertising advertisers pay the website owner for clicks on their ads. There are two major types of Search Advertising: Sponsored Search and Content Placement Targeting. (more…)

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Hadoop Extends Data Architectures: Part 3 In Hadoop Series

The list and diversity of NoSQL, “NewSQL”, cloud, grid, and other data architecture options seem to grow every year.

The Harry Potter books and movies were a particularly popular inspiration for project names. For example, at LinkedIn, to empower features such as “People You May Know” and “Jobs You May Be Interested In”, LinkedIn uses Hadoop together with an Azkaban batch workflow scheduler and Voldemort key-value store. We’ll see if the Twilight series has a similar impact on project names.


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Webinar: Dr. Kimball On Evolving Role Of EDW For Big Data Analytics

Exploiting diverse information has become a business imperative in the era of Big Data. Informatica is excited to hold a Web seminar on the Evolving Role of EDW for Big Data Analytics with Dr. Ralph Kimball on Thursday, July 28 at 11:30am PT/ 1:30pm ET.  In this live seminar, we will touch upon diverse topics including:

How is Big Data impacting the EDW practice? (more…)

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Dr. Kimball: THINK GROWTH With EDW

Last week, we held a call with Dr. Kimball and Rick Pechter from MicroStrategy in preparation for the April 27th webinar on EDW Best Practices for Behavior Analytics. We selected this topic because more and more organizations are gearing up for growth. Although we are seeing the signs that the world is on the verge of an economic uptick, the characteristics, timing and strength of the recovery remain uncertain and unpredictable. One thing is certain, however. Because of the dynamic nature of the market, innovators are zeroing in on understanding customer behaviors in micro-segments and business rules for profitable growth. In our call, we spent a considerable amount of time on how difficult it is for an organization to address data quality issues from a loading and delivery perspectives across sources – EDW, reporting and analytics. Of course, if the data is not timely or accurate, your investment into sophisticated analytics does not generate the returns that you expected. So, what do the business intelligence and data warehousing professionals need to keep in mind to ensure that timely and accurate data is delivered?

Well, I am happy to share with you that we are once again offering pragmatic best practices and tips for priming your data warehouse to meet the challenge. (more…)

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What Role Does Data Integration Play In Data Warehousing?

In my previous entry, I mentioned how our customers are democratizing innovation in data warehousing and data integration. One thing is clear: there is renewed energy around using data to become competitive in the global market. We also have many options in data warehousing –a centralized enterprise data warehouse (EDW), departmental data warehouses and data marts, including appliance options and cloud computing for data warehousing. And yes, we do have an ongoing argument of EDW versus data marts. What’s different at this time is that, it’s the business that’s fueling this debate. A customer may outlaw a data mart because the maintenance costs and risks managing marts outweigh the potential benefits and thus do not meet the operating requirements. Another may opt for a cyclical data mart to allow for faster time to market and analytic flexibility for departmental business needs with a shorter turnaround.

One of our customers in the entertainment industry recently went live with their real-time data warehousing and master data management project. (more…)

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“Accelerate” and See the Light Sooner

Teradata Accelerate

Informatica and Teradata have worked together over the years to develop unparalleled technology integration and customer success in Enterprise Data Warehousing. We share hundreds of large scale enterprise implementations together and enjoy market leadership positions in our respective markets and a vibrant partnership.

Our latest collaboration, the Teradata “Accelerate” program seeks to replicate our joint customer success for organizations that want to see rapid results from an all in one, incremental solution. This approach makes a lot of sense in the current economic times where spend on large scale projects is harder to justify.

“Accelerate” includes all the technology and jump start kit needed to build a data warehouse. Informatica fits into the picture as the provider of the Data Integration layer of the stack, notably the only vendor for that part of the solution along with an array of BI capabilities from other vendors.

If you’re embarking on a DW project, jump on board and “Accelerate” your way to results!

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