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Just Ask the Customer

I grabbed my wife’s Harvard Business Review (HBR Jan-Feb 2012) edition before a recent plane ride to a customer meeting.  After diving through a bunch of case study-type narratives I ended up in a section titled “Stop Collecting Customer Data” (page 57), which was part of HBR’s “Audacious Ideas” series.  This series was aimed at showcasing some proclaimed thought leaders’ very forward-thinking and, in my opinion, also some rather ill guided ideas full off naïveté.  (more…)

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‘Half-Baked Ideas’ for Mega-Changes Ahead in the Next Decade

I just delivered the keynote address for ebizQ’s latest Cloud QCamp, exploring the growing convergence of SOA with cloud computing, Enterprise 2.0 and virtualization, and I thought I would share some salient highlights here at the Perspectives site.

There are several key forces converging that are reshaping the way we will do business in the 2010s (you know, that next decade that is almost upon us). (more…)

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Importance Of Data Quality In A Down Economy

Informatica recently published a new white paper entitled, “Recession-Proof The Business: Top Five Ways IT Organizations Can Help Companies Survive a Tough Economy.” The paper provides insights into five key areas that should be on every businesses to-do list in the current economic environment:

1. Manage Compliance
2. Mitigate Risk
3. Consolidate to grow
4. Know thy customer
5. Modernize the business

Rather than reiterate what is detailed in the white paper, I wanted to relay my thoughts on the role that data quality should play as we face the most challenging economic times in most of our lifetimes. (more…)

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