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Mark Lewis, EMCI spent last week at EMCWorld, and most of my time was spent engaging with customers in a variety of ways. One thing I always find interesting is the amazing consistency of priorities across our global customers.

For example, we held a session for executives, and I simply asked the open-ended question “regardless of whether it involves our products or not, what is your top IT priority this year.” The answer was clear, overwhelming and simple, yet also rather surprising.

But before I tell you the answer, I want to tell you why it was surprising to me. I keep up with the CIO surveys and the trends and buzzwords. This particular trend seems to be invisible in the media hype and yet this group of CIO’s and senior execs were almost in unanimous agreement that it was at the top of their priority list. (more…)

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Adding A Dash Of ILM And MDM To A Bowl Of ECM And SAN Soup Makes Data Governance Taste Good

What do you get when you combine Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Storage Area Networks (SAN)? A compelling Data Management solution on a single purchase order that finally closes the gap on databases.  EMC announced this last week at EMC World 2010 that they will start reselling Informatica’s Data Archive and Master Data Management products as part of the EMC Select program. Why does this taste good to data management practitioners? Because EMC customers have been in need for a single solution to manage, retain and archive ALL data, not just email and files.


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Does Database Archiving Fit In With Your Enterprise Content Management Strategy?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have typically focused on managing electronic documents and unstructured content. What about structured data that is ‘locked up’ and traditionally retained indefinitely in your application databases? Can your existing ECM system help manage this content as well? Many people consider database content to be a completely different animal and not a good fit for storing in ECM repositories. However, with the increasing costs of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) during litigation, consider leveraging your ECM investment for managing the long-term retention of structured data.

Structured data archiving has proven to be a great way to trim production databases and get tremendous cost savings by aligning the lifecycle of the data with the underlying infrastructure.  ECM adds value to this process by adding functionality in the area of content indexing, search and retention management. (more…)

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