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Top Seven Favorite Quotes From Lean Integration

The Kindle has a nice feature that is virtually impossible with paper books; it combines the highlighted sections of text (in essence an electronic yellow highlight marker) from all readers and identifies the passages with the greatest number. The View Popular Highlights function shows you passages that are meaningful to the greatest number of people. Here are the top seven highlighted quotes from Lean Integration[1] as of the end of 2012. (more…)

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Building A Business Case For Data Quality: Identify Business Impact

Building A Business Case For Data Quality, 6 of a 7-part series

Once you identify the many data anomalies, you need to work with the business to quantify the business impact. If you can’t determine the impact on the business, it either has no impact or you are talking to the wrong people. If you can’t determine the impact, you might as well stop right there or find another area to look at:


No impact = No reason to fix it = No money (more…)

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