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New Partnership Helps Build Stronger Total Customer and Supplier Relationships

Data is extremely valuable to any B2B organization that puts the customer at the center of everything. Over 60% of B2B marketers use data targeting and segmentation, according to a survey by Salesforce and LinkedIn.

The benefits of having real-time actionable insight about a potential partner or customer range from better marketing & sales, reducing risks from suppliers, and better data quality across the organization. But it can be difficult to gain a full view of a potential customer or business partner to realize these benefits. Not only is data difficult to obtain, it changes all the time – according to D&B’s research, 8 businesses change names every hour!

Today, at Informatica World in Las Vegas, we are announcing a new partnership between Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica Data as a Service to bring customers new Business Data Enrichment services to solve these challenges. Dun & Bradstreet is a company well-known for providing business data to 90% of the Fortune 500. Founded in 1841, D&B captures more than 5 million business record updates every day, adding to the 240+ million business records it retains.

This new partnership helps Informatica customers break down the barriers between them and their clients or potential partners for powerful insights that drive new growth throughout the business. The benefits of Business Data Enrichment include gaining a holistic view of business relationships, closing more business with better audience targeting, supply chain optimization with total supplier relationship management, and data-driven segmentation, messaging, and personalization.

Almost every business has suppliers and partners, and these can create risk. Being able to reduce that risk is extremely valuable, and D&B and Informatica help organizations do just that. Use Business Data Enrichment to research a possible partnership or other business transaction by determining past payment histories and better understand the likelihood of payment remittance. Make better business decisions by reducing risks, using verified financial profiles and histories about a potential supplier.

customer dnb-daas

[Click to enlarge] An example of supplier details, including risk profiles and contact information based on real-time data.

Informatica Data as a Service takes D&B’s powerful data and harnesses it, so it can be easily and quickly integrated with any business process or application via APIs. This integration includes the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform and core applications, like MDM, Total Supplier Management, Data Quality, and Data Integration. Read more in this datasheet for all the details (PDF).

Business leaders from marketing, sales, procurement, and information technology alike benefit from these new services, since they are easy to integrate within existing processes and applications with no ongoing updates or maintenance needed.

Get a better understanding of your customers with Business Data Enrichment from Informatica, named the #1 industry leader by Gartner analysts in the areas of data integration and data quality. Contact us now to learn more.

Read more in this blog post on the Dun & Bradstreet website.

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Video: What’s Next For Cloud Data Integration?

Juan Carlos Soto shares his perspective on the Informatica Cloud’s three pronged growth strategy including: the Platform for Hybrid IT, Cloud Services for All and Informatica Inside.

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Seven Ways To Reduce IT Costs With MDM

We often hear from our Informatica MDM customers about the main benefits they’ve realized from master data management (MDM)—smarter, faster decision-making and greater productivity though timely and reliable data. What’s less widely recognized is that MDM is proving to be a powerful cost-saving engine, as well.

For instance, a global investment bank saved millions of dollars by using Informatica MDM to virtually eliminate maintenance and support costs for a complex web of point-to-point integrations. If you’re using or considering MDM, it’s a smart idea to assess the costs of unintegrated data systems and examine cost-saving strategies and tactics available through a multidomain, model-driven MDM solution.

We’ve just published a new white paper, “Seven Ways to Reduce IT Costs with Master Data Management,” that drills down into using MDM to target the redundancy, waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary maintenance and licensing typical of a heterogeneous data infrastructure. A sampling of these seven critical areas includes:

  • Interface costs: How you can minimize costly point-to-point integrations that support key business processes
  • Redundant third-party data: How you reduce acquisition costs of duplicate data from third-party providers such as Dun & Bradstreet or Acxiom
  • Data cleanup: How you can efficiently centralize data quality to eliminate expensive manual efforts (more…)
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