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ILM For Data Warehouses

In December, 2005 Sun Microsystems conducted an interview with Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse concept.  He said, “ILM keeps a data warehouse from costing huge amounts of money and maintains good performance consistently throughout the data warehouse environment.”  Four years later, the average size of a data warehouse has increased by 200%, surpassing the multi-terabyte size benchmark. 

With these mammoth databases comes an increase in cost to manage them and a potential deterioration in performance.   It is common practice to leverage techniques like indexing and database partitioning to address query performance issues with very large databases but those techniques do not address challenges associated with the raw volumes of data.

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Application ILM And Data Governance Go Hand In Hand – Part 2

Information LifeCycle Management (ILM) involves classifying data to map its business value to the corresponding features of the infrastructure it resides on.  This classification enables IT to appropriately build tiered infrastructure based on what the business needs, not based on the latest technology trends.  Benefits of an ILM solution include lower cost of storage, better use of existing IT resources and application performance by moving aged data off high end systems. Additionally, improvements to operational efficiencies due to shorter backup, restore and maintenance windows, while reducing risk of falling out of compliance are other benefits. (more…)

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