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Customer Data Forum Off To A Great Start Featuring MDM

We launched a coast-to-coast Customer Data Forum road show with visits to Atlanta and Washington, D.C., that attracted business and IT professionals interested in using master data management (MDM) to attract and retain customers.

From the business side, our guests consisted of analysts, sales operations personnel, and business liaisons to IT, while the IT side was represented by enterprise and data architects, IT directors, and business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. In Washington, about half the audience was from public sector and government agencies. (more…)

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Why Hasn’t The Information Challenge Been Solved?

When I speak with most senior executives at companies, they highlight the “value gap” in information. According to the PriceWaterhouseCoopers 12th Annual Global CEO Survey in January 2009:

“…CEOs still see major gaps in the information they need to survive the next 12 months and make decisions about the long-term success of their businesses. CEOs believe that agility, customer service, talent, management and reputation are the four most important factors in long-term competitive advantage. Not surprisingly, most also believe that data about their customers (94%), brand (91%) and employees (88%) are important or critical to long-term decision-making. However, strikingly low percentages of CEOs say they have comprehensive information in these and other critical areas that contribute to organisational agility. Just 21% have comprehensive information about the needs and preferences of customers and clients. Less than one third feel they have all the information they need about reputation (31%) and the views and needs of employees (30%).”

I would not expect the results of the PWC survey to be a surprise to anyone in IT. With that said however, why aren’t IT professionals surprised? If they truly know this is the reality for companies, why hasn’t the value gap in information been solved?

Here are my views on this: (more…)

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Silos are bad. Silos still proliferate. Don’t we ever learn?

For anyone in the integration business, the notion that data silos are bad is deeply engrained in the psyche.  It’s plain common sense that having multiple copies of data in different places makes it a lot harder to run your business in a consistent, coherent manner.  But we keep committing the same sins over and over again– often with the very technologies that promise to solve the data fragmentation problem—SOA, data warehousing, MDM, to name a few.

First we moved off mainframes to distributed systems.  Of course, no one would doubt that the benefits in terms of access to key business data and application functionality more than outweighed the costs of silo proliferation.  At least in the client/server era, the number of silos was still somewhat manageable.

But then the internet came along, and everyone rushed to get the latest internet/web application up and running, while at best paying lip service to a cohesive enterprise architecture.  As we later learned, this lead to a huge proliferation of new systems and data silos at most companies.  (more…)

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