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Twice The Fun With Data Replication

Or three, four, five times the fun!

Today we announced the addition of innovative data replication technology, which comes from WisdomForce (welcome to the Informatica family!).

Customers have diverse needs and along with our current offerings, our new solutions deliver Universal Data Replication.

I’d like to highlight a few key sections of our press release: (more…)

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The Power Of Data

I was happy to do an architect-to-architect Webinar with David Lyle, which was more of an interactive conversation than a Webinar.  The focus was on the ability to provide integration using data virtualization, but the message was perhaps more profound than that.

The core issues that many enterprises face are that information is largely an asset that they cannot access.  The data is locked up within years and years of ill planned databases and applications where the core data, such as customer and sales information, is scattered throughout the enterprise.  Most staffers and executives consider this to be “just the way it is.” (more…)

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Salesforce Integration: Information as a Competitive Advantage

As part of my on-going series of interviews with the Informatica team who have recently implemented salesforce.com, I sat down with Peter Vanderhaak, director of enterprise data management, to discuss the analytics and data warehousing aspects of the project. Peter’s team is responsible for Informatica’s internal data warehouse as well as data integration, master data management, and pervasive business intelligence – basically ensuring timely, relevant and trustworthy information is always available. As our sales force automation (SFA) system has always been a hub of analytical data, I wanted to get a better understanding of the impact of a new CRM solution and how he and his team are adapting to the cloud. (more…)
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What Are Your Cloud Integration Use Cases?

The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications, platforms, and infrastructure has resulted in more fragmented data and an increased need to integrate data “in the cloud” with data in on-premise applications and databases. Line of business managers and software as a service (SaaS) administrators need rapid time to value and self service. Meanwhile, the IT organization is tasked with avoiding costly data silos and eliminating untrustworthy point solutions.

The right approach to cloud data integration is that it can play a key role in aligning business users with IT. Some common uses cases for cloud data integration include: (more…)

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Cloudforce Tour – Minneapolis – Delivering Cloud Computing In Manufacturing

Cloudforce Tour logoOur fifth and final stop on the Spring ’09 salesforce.com Cloudforce Tour was Minneapolis.  This was our first visit to this mid-West business hub and we were very interested to see what types of businesses were looking at Cloud Computing and how they saw the challenges of integrating their operational systems with the new cloud-based world.  We were both surprised and overwhelmed by the attendance and the response.  You might have thought we were in the ‘show me’ state by the interest in our On Demand data integration demonstrations.

We held a CRM Integration Roundtable breakfast for a ‘standing room only’ crowd prior to the start of the day-long Cloudforce conference.  Our local customer, Andersen Windows and Doors presented an engaging case study describing a Master Data Management Hub architecture that they implemented to tie their operational systems into their Salesforce CRM system.  As with the case study presented at our last Cloudforce Roundtable, Andersen employed a combination of Informatica On Premise and On Demand solutions to bring their various operational and customer case data together to integrate into Salesforce CRM as well as to replicate Salesforce data to their centralized BI reporting system.  Their ultimate goal was to assure timely, accurate customer data across the organization to improve customer relationships and operational efficiencies. (more…)

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