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Data Virtualization Series Part 1 – What is it?

We have all heard of data federation and of late we have also been hearing how simple, traditional data federation often gets passed off as data virtualization. Let’s get back to basics and take a hard look at what the real need is.

Data federation is not a new concept. When it first arrived on the scene many years ago, technologists got excited as it offered a way to quickly access numerous disparate data sources without physically moving data. Years passed and the term kept appearing in research paper after research paper – but what did not happen was the anticipated widespread adoption. TDWI’s Wayne Eckerson does a great job at tracking the evolution of data federation in his recent webinar and blog. Simple, traditional data federation does one thing and only one thing well – it creates a virtual view across heterogeneous data sources, delivering data in real-time, typically to reporting tools and composite applications. In its very simplicity lay its downfall.


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