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Informatica and PG&E Collaborate for Sustainable Energy Efficiency

See how Informatica collaborated with PG&E to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from Informatica’s data center. We installed three electric vehicle charging ports, decreased Informatica’s impact on landfills by roughly 75%, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 38,000 lbs per year, all without negatively impacting Informatica’s data integration services.

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A Return to Big Data

Quite a bit has happened on the topic of big data since my last post on Informatica Perspectives almost one and a half years ago.  I have spent a career working with organizations on how to get control over their uncontrolled data growth and industry visionaries are promoting this brave new world of big data. (more…)

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Efficiency Is The Name Of Today’s Game

In my last post I talked about airlines becoming more efficient (or not) and I started thinking about how everything today is about efficiency – not a bad thing when you consider the growth of data volumes we’re seeing everywhere (go to YouTube and search “exponential times” – some interesting videos). Efficiency is necessary for scale, but also efficiency is about better use of resources (think Green). (more…)

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The Achilles Heel Of Cloud Computing – Data Integration

Loraine Lawson did a great job covering the topic of the integration challenges around the cloud and virtualization. She reports that “…a recent Internet Evolution column [by David Vellante] looks more broadly at the cloud integration question and concludes that insufficient integration is holding up both cloud computing and virtualization.”

In fact, what currently limits the number of cloud deployments is the lack of a clear understanding of data integration in the context of cloud computing. This is a rather easy problem to solve, but it’s often an afterthought.

The core issue is that cloud computing providers, other than Salesforce.com, don’t consider integration. Perhaps they are thinking, “If you use our cloud, then there is no reason to sync your data back to your enterprise. After all, we’re the final destination for your enterprise data, right?” Wrong. (more…)

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Does Data Integration Do “Cloud” Computing?

I’m going to take a brief hiatus from my blog on information driven business and focus for a moment on cloud computing. This is a widely discussed topic amongst many IT circles due to the attractiveness of the offerings.

In general, what’s so attractive? Why are IT professionals embracing cloud computing?

First, there is barely any capital requirement to get started. Literally for $0.10/hour, you can have your own server running an application. At Informatica, we have cloud instances running and have witnessed the nominal costs for compute power and storage. (more…)

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