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Understanding the Intersection of SOA and Data Integration

Sometimes when you want to sell SOA, you need to sell the concept and not the buzzword.  Case in point, when I speak at a conference.  If I talk about SOA patterns as a way to drive to a better architecture, I often see eyes begin to roll.  However, if I say we’re looking to externalize services that will be meshed and re-meshed together to form business solutions, thus providing agility…the eyes light up.  Funny thing is, I’m talking about the same thing. (more…)

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The Power Of Data

I was happy to do an architect-to-architect Webinar with David Lyle, which was more of an interactive conversation than a Webinar.  The focus was on the ability to provide integration using data virtualization, but the message was perhaps more profound than that.

The core issues that many enterprises face are that information is largely an asset that they cannot access.  The data is locked up within years and years of ill planned databases and applications where the core data, such as customer and sales information, is scattered throughout the enterprise.  Most staffers and executives consider this to be “just the way it is.” (more…)

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Next-Generation Data Virtualization Series Part 2 – Characteristics

So, where have I been since my last blog? Well, I have been working on our new Architect to Architect webinar series on data virtualization, which is very exciting for me as I get to rub shoulders (virtually speaking) with hundreds of industry architects.

The interactive nature and record attendance at these webinars have made one thing very clear – data virtualization is indeed top of mind. In my last blog we discussed the concept and how data virtualization is different or a superset of traditional data federation, especially as it overcomes many limitations of the latter. Wayne Eckerson did a great job at tracking the evolution of data federation in a recent webinar and blog. (more…)

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Data Services – The Silver Bullet for SOA’s Data Integration Pitfalls

In the post “SOA’s Last Mile Part III: How to Address SOA’s Hidden Data-Centric Pitfalls Effectively,” David Lyle spoke about some high-level approaches to handling the data-centric pitfalls in an SOA.

I would like to introduce you to the solution…what I call data services, a flexible and cost-effective technology that can be the cornerstone of an SOA and EIM strategy by simplifying the complexity of both integrating diverse enterprise data that exists in individual silos as well as delivering a single, accurate and consistent view of all enterprise information, at the speed of business.

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