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How to Get Big Data Integration Right the First Time

It’s actually hard to find good guidance out there when it comes to big data integration.  Everyone thinks they have the answer, but the experience is just not there, even as we watch big data integration technology appear.

One article that I recommend is by Richard Daley, entitled How to Be Successful with Big Data Integration.  In this article, Daley provides some practical guidance, including:  (more…)

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Gartner BI Summit Shows Strong Demand For MDM In APAC

Master data management is a hot topic in Asia Pacific. That was shown by the keen interest in MDM during Gartner’s BI Summit in Sydney, Australia, in end-February, and in a recent survey that Gartner conducted of the APAC community.

In that survey, master data management was ranked the #1 data-related technology under consideration for deployment in APAC. Forty-two percent of Gartner’s respondents put MDM at the top of their lists, ahead of dashboards/scorecards, predictive analytics, performance management, and 14 other technologies. Given that the survey found only 20 percent of APAC organizations are using MDM today, there’s clearly a lot of room for growth. (more…)

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