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Salesforce.com Recognizes Informatica for Cloud Data Integration

This week we got the news that for the fifth year in a row, Informatica Cloud has won the 2012 Salesforce.com AppExchange Customer Choice Award.  Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesforce was recognized as the winner in the very crowded IT and Administration category, which includes administration and IT, data cleansing, integration, IT management and other applications.These awards are based on the number and quality of customer reviews on the AppExchange.  (more…)

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Avnet Story: How to Integrate 100% of B2B Data Sources

The other week we had Ayman Taha, Director of IT for Enterprise Solutions Integration, from Avent in to talk about how he automated the processing of unstructured, non-traditional B2B exchanges with external partners.  Avent is a large distributor of electronic components with a diverse ecosystem of customer and suppliers.  Their B2B infrastructure reflects the complexity of their environment but, despite a sophisticated and mature EDI infrastructure, they were still manually re-keying invoices and product updates from hundreds of spreadsheets and .PDFs received from partners.  This was because many of their smaller customers and partners could not send or receive EDI messages. (more…)

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Informatica Cloud Customer Success

There’s been a lot written about the importance of customer adoption and success to the software as a service (SaaS) model – there’s even a manifesto and a Bill of Rights! Last month, Informatica Cloud received the Bronze Stevie Award for customer support. One of the drivers for this achievement was not only great front-line customer service from a world-class support organization (they even support trial accounts!), but also the establishment of a customer success team, which is run by Bryan Plaster. I sat down with Bryan to discuss his views on the importance of customer adoption to any cloud computing application, platform or infrastructure initiative, as well as some specifics on how Informatica Cloud approaches customer success. (more…)

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(Data) Champions Are Everywhere

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the board of directors for a large distribution company here in the U.S.  On the table for discussion were data quality and data governance, and how a focus on both could help the organization gain competitive advantage in the market.  While I was happy to see that this company had tied data quality and data governance to help meet their corporate objectives, that’s not what caught my attention.  Instead, what impressed me the most was how the data quality and data governance champion had effectively helped the rest of the board see that there WAS a direct link, and that with careful focus they could drive better business outcomes than they could without a focus on data at all.  As it turns out, the path to success for the champion was to focus on articulating the link between trusted data — governed effectively — and the company’s ability to excel financially, manage costs, limit its risk exposure and maintain trust with its customers. (more…)

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Informatica Wins Best Of SaaS Showplace Award

Today THINKstrategies, Inc. announced that Informatica has been named the latest winner of the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards program, which is aimed at promoting the measurable business benefits being delivered by today’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. (more…)
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Cloud Integration Customer Success

Recently I wrote about the importance of customer success to cloud computing, and more specifically to software as a service (SaaS) applications. The leader in this market, salesforce.com, has long championed customer success in their messaging for a few primary reasons:

  1. They are fundamentally a customer relationship management (CRM) company.
  2. Their business is based on a subscription pricing model – without adoption there are no renewals!
  3. As a multitenant cloud service, they actually know how their software is being used. As a result, they have a laser-focus on ease of use.


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Cloud Integration Drives CRM And Sales Success

Today Informatica announced that Bay & Bay Transportation has used Informatica Cloud Services to achieve a six month project payback on their total Salesforce.com investment and a 900 percent return on their critical data integration project.

Bay & Bay is using the turnkey, on-demand Informatica Cloud Services to provide robust, bi-directional synchronization between its logistics management databases and applications with Salesforce CRM. Using an intuitive web based integration wizard, the company automatically maps source and target fields, configures powerful data transformations, and sets automated synchronization schedules. And being a true multi-tenant cloud-based service, there is no hardware, software, or infrastructure for them to install, manage, or maintain.


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HealthDetail Turns To The Cloud For Sales Growth

The only way for HealthDetail to hold or increase margins was to think differently. The company’s provider directory business supplies accurate and compliant healthcare directories for Medicaid and other health insurers. The problem was that the volume of data coming in and the breadth of different sources it was derived from threatened to overwhelm the existing database. HealthDetail could either invest in dedicated database administration resources, at great expense, or consider a more innovative solution: cloud-based data integration.


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