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What Do “Clouds” Look Like in China?

Current situation

After having lived in China since May 2012, I’ve been fortunate to have met with the leaders of most multinational software companies, leaders of local firms as well as industry analysts. My inspiration for this blog is based on a conversation I had with a senior leader at a leading “cloud” provider. (more…)

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The Value of Consumer Data

We live in an increasingly digital world. Everyday activity and interaction is syndicated online, whether it be shopping, socialising or dating. This online activity is leaving a data footprint behind every consumer and smart businesses are collecting and using this to improve the customer experience they offer.

Data has the power to boost customer satisfaction and, ultimately, better your business. However, data isn’t just a money-maker, it’s an asset that needs to be protected. After all, it can provide organisations with an unprecedented opportunity to improve customer experience, through highly personalised and targeted communications. (more…)

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