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Burning Man for the Cloud Crowd – #DF12 is Coming!

The 10th annual salesforce.com user conference is just around the corner. Ok, calling Dreamforce a user conference just doesn’t feel right to me. If you haven’t experienced it, I guess you could say it’s like Burning Man for the Cloud Crowd. Dreamforce is billed as the “The Cloud Computing Event of the Year.” In their words…“it’s social,” “it’s inspring,” “it’s innovative,” “it’s money,” “it’s breakthrough,” and “it’s red hot.” A lot of hype indeed, but when Marc Benioff is on his game the event always delivers.

If you’re planning on attending the 10th anniversary of Dreamforce in San Francisco on September 18th, I thought I’d share a few useful resources as well as point you to some of the activities the Informatica team has planned for the conference. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to use our partner promo code for a discount: ECMINFMTCA. There are also free keynote passes available. (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 5: Socialize Your Big Data

Let us turn our attention to the second secular trend, “Social”.  By that I mean “Social” to go broader than just social media and its analytics capabilities like sentiment analysis.  In the Teradata Magazine article entitled, “Sharing the wealth of data drives success”, Dr. Andreas S. Weigend mentions, “The social data revolution represents a shift in the mindset of customers. In essence, people are willing to share data about themselves when they see that sharing creates a benefit without obvious risks.”  Going one step further he described, ´“It would be foolish to run a business without making use of social data. When you take advantage of the insight social data offers, you aren’t just doing the same thing a little differently or somewhat faster. You are doing something different.” A trend that is accelerating now in the social data revolution is the enterprise use of social data.

Take the example of Chatter. This tool is available for salesforce.com customers and allows organizations to: (more…)

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Community, Content And Collaboration – More Confusion Than Ever!

As CIOs embark on their enterprise 2.0 strategy, even more confusion exists around the topic of community, content and collaboration.

Let’s first clarify some nomenclature by defining enterprise 1.0.

These enterprises were happy with implementing document management systems, search, portals and establishing security strategies to protect the perimeter. In this world, you are either inside or outside of the company network. If you need information, you would first need to somehow connect to the network.


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