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Seven (More) Tips To Become a Change Agent

In my last blog article, I talked about the challenges associated with changing an organization to establish a sustainable integration strategy, and I outlined the first two change management principles.  Here are seven more of the original nine. (more…)

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Change Leadership

They say people are resistant to change. I disagree. People are resistant to uncertainty. Once people are certain that a change is to their benefit, they will change so fast it will make your head spin. It would be a mistake however to underestimate the challenges of changing an organization from one where integration is a collaboration between two project silos to one where integration is a sustainable strategy with a common infrastructure based on strict standards and shared by everyone. (more…)

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The Carrot and Stick Are Must-Haves in the Data Governance Toolbox

The next facet of our Data Governance Framework recognizes the key dependency any data governance-related effort has on change management.  No matter how compelling the vision and business case, making data a trusted corporate asset on par with your financial and people assets is a major culture shift for most organizations.


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Change Management – Chaos vs. Stagnation

Stagnation is bad – so is chaos.  Both extremes of the change spectrum are not desirable.  No change leads to falling behind and loss of competitive advantage, while constant out of control change leads to dysfunctional and inefficient behavior.

In extreme cases both of these scenarios can be fatal.  Thus if both extremes are bad, which point along the spectrum is ideal? (more…)

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