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Non-Clonetroversial Oracle Data Cloning


When the average person hears of cloning, my bet is that they think of the controversy and ethical issues surrounding cloning, such as the cloning of Dolly the sheep, or the possible cloning of humans by a mad geneticist in a rogue nation state. I would also put money down that when an Informatica blog reader thinks of cloning they think of “The Matrix” or “Star Wars” (that dreadful episode II Attack of the Clones).   I did.  Unfortunately.

But my pragmatic expectation is that when Informatica customers think of cloning, they also think of Data Cloning software.  Data Cloning software clones terabytes of database data into a host of other databases, data warehouses, analytical appliances, and Big Data stores such as Hadoop.  And just for hoots and hollers, you should know that almost half of all Data Integration efforts involve replication, be it snapshot or real-time, according to TDWI survey data. Survey also says… replication is the second most popular — or second most used — data integration tool, behind ETL.

ClonewocontroCloning should be easy and very natural. It’s an important part of life (at your job).   However, we can all admit that it is also a process that causes many a headache and ruins many a relationship.

Do your company’s cloning tools work with non-standard types? Know that Informatica cloning tools can reproduce Oracle data to just about anything on 2 tuples (or more).  We do non-discriminatory duplication, so it’s no wonder we especially fancy cloning the Oracle!  (a thousand apologies for the bad “Matrix” pun)

Just remember that data clones are an important and natural component of business continuity, and the use cases span both operational and analytic applications.  So if you’re not cloning your Oracle data safely and securely with the quality results that you need and deserve, it’s high time that you get some better tools.

Send in the Clones

With that in mind, if you haven’t tried to clone before, for a limited time, Informatica is making Fast Clone database cloning trial software product available for a free download. Click here to get it now.

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State Of The Data Warehouse

Hello and welcome to my first blog on Perspectives. I’m Krish Krishnan, and you may have seen me before. I have a channel on BeyeNETWORK on Data Warehouse Architectures and Appliances.

My Perspectives blogs will be focused on data warehousing as a practice and in the coming months, I will be publishing topics on the architecture, integration challenges and share some implementation tips on data warehousing. I welcome your feedback and hope to make this one of your go-to websites for information exchange and sharing insights.

Now I want to cover the State of the Data Warehouse

Business needs today mandate the availability of data at the right time to the users, to make effective decisions. This is the promise that the data warehouse was built on. But in the real world, the data warehouse has morphed into a “big” truth repository and the business value derived from the same is perspective based. What the current data warehouse lacks is a flexible architecture from a data management and integration perspective. (more…)

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