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The Presidential Debate and Big Data

So I have to admit that the “Binders full of women” comment blew right past me when I was listening to Monday night’s debate as I was driving in my car on Highway 85 on my way home.  However, by the time I got home, the Twitterverse was all lit up about that topic and I had to wonder about all of the information that Amazon must be processing to target people to buy the latest TrapperKeeper (or TrapHerKeepHer) binder for their tween children.  (more…)

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Walk Before You Run – Social Media Data as the MDM Silver Bullet

The Silver Campaign Bullet

Recently I had a number of meetings with clients who are looking at social media to enrich master data in their legacy data warehouse to improve their batch and real-time campaign effectiveness. They are primarily looking at Facebook as their marketing salvation to create as close to one-on-one offers as possible but there are multiple ways to skin this cat.

Surprisingly, I have seen this thinking primarily in emerging markets. It reminded me how some countries jumped from having a poor fixed line phone infrastructure catapulting themselves to 3G wireless for all citizens within a decade. The decision makers who were part of this overnight communication transformation assume that master data management (MDM) works the same way.  (more…)

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Less Is More – Why Data Quality Means Less Work For Marketing

The common mantra recently in IT has been the need to ‘do more with less’ and it is very true when it comes to lowering IT budgets and resources to support even more priorities. However in the world of reaching out to your customers ‘less is more’ may be more apt. Personally speaking, I get too many emails that are irrelevant to my work focus or personal interests. I know that if they were more relevant to me it is far more likely that I would take more interest in mails from that source in the future. The days of sending out emails to the full customer database are over. The tools are there to provide far more relevant information to enable more intelligent, timely campaigns. (more…)

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