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Informatica 9.1 Supports Best Practices For Agile Data Integration

Informatica supports Agile Data Integration for Agile BI with best practices that encourage good data governance, facilitate business-IT collaboration, promote reuse & flexibility through data virtualization, and enable rapid prototyping and test-driven development.  Organizations that want to successfully adopt Agile Data Integration should standardize on the following best practices and leverage Informatica 9.1 to streamline the data integration process, improve data governance, and provide a flexible data virtualization architecture.

1. The business and IT work efficiently and effectively to translate requirements and specifications into data services (more…)

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Navigating The Maze: Tips For Enabling Successful Data Governance

I have been talking with a lot of customers lately on the topic of data governance.  Over and above the obvious question of “what is data governance”, two other common questions seem to come up, both related to helping make it a reality.  Time and time again, I get questions regarding what the right approach is to data governance as well as how to effectively sell its importance to the business.  Let’s explore both in a little more detail. (more…)

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Introduction: Building A Business Case For Data Quality

Building a business case for data quality is a waste of time. Nobody really cares. Improving data quality for quality’s sake is a waste of money. Sounds funny coming from a data quality specialist, someone who has spent the last decade preaching data profiling and data quality. But the fact is people from the business side do not care about data quality. What they care about is the impact poor data quality has on their line of business.

When you look at how the business measures itself (after you get past revenue and profit), the talk is about key performance indicators (KPI). What are some of the KPIs for a call center? You will hear about goals of reducing talk time. The business wants to lower costs. You will hear about goals of decreasing hold times. The business wants to improve the customer experience. (more…)

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“Imagine” Business Empowerment

Informatica 9 “Imagine a world in which the business and IT are collaborating together.”

This line comes from Chris Boorman’s overview of “the biggest and most significant release in the history of Informatica “ – Informatica 9. As I read his post I found myself humming the song, “Imagine” and thinking about the potential implications for data integration delivered as an on-demand service in the cloud. What does this have to do with business and IT collaborating together you say? I guess it would go something like this (with apologies to John Lennon of course): (more…)

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