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Time For Clarity On The Role Of Business Analytics

Accenture’s Kishore Swaminathan recently put together his thoughts on business analytics, and very accurately laid out promise of analytics for today’s organizations: “In my view, analytics is something much more than a technology with an ROI; it’s a transformational phenomenon that will fundamentally change how business discourse will be conducted and decisions made.”

Analytics, then is following a path that bears a striking similarity with the rise of service oriented architecture, which I tracked in recent years – not a single technology, group of technologies, or not necessarily even a technology at all, but a new way of doing business.

I was one of the authors of the SOA Manifesto, crafted at the end of 2009 to articulate the values and principles of service orientation. The SOA Manifesto was modeled directly from the Agile Manifesto, which articulated the goals of Agile development processes, which emphasize an ongoing dialogue with business end-users as projects progress. (more…)

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Global Customer Support TweetFest – You’re The Winners!

Last week the Global Customer Support team successfully completed a week long TweetFest Competition, using the official Support Twitter handle: @INFASupport, and the #INFATF hash tag.

Every day we posted a topic to which we solicited feedback from our followers and the results were amazing. We had a daily prize and then one grand prize at the end of seven days. We had approximately 100 responses from across the globe, as people participated in the discussions, mainly telling us what they wanted and expected from the Global Support team. Some of the topics we covered included suggestions and areas to improve around support, services and products. Here are the questions we asked: (more…)

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