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Comparing Native Oracle Database Tools to Third Party Solutions – The Missing Link Part 1 of 2

As one of the founders of Informatica’s Smart Partitioning capability, I am constantly asked, “Why can’t we just use (insert DB vendor here) tools to accomplish the same thing?”  What a great, simple, straightforward question…and what a nuanced answer!  Instead of talking about how great our technology is or walk through all the features and functionality, I thought it would be best to answer the actual question, “Why can’t we do this on our own?” In this two part series, we will explore the manual process of implementing Oracle database partitioning and compression in complex OLTP applications. (more…)

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Reading The Tea Leaves: Predictions For Data Quality In 2012

Following up from my previous post on 2011 reflections, it’s now time to take a look at the year ahead and consider what key trends will likely impact the world of data quality as we know it. As I mentioned in my previous post, we saw continued interest in data quality across all industries and I expect that trend to only continue to pick up steam in 2012. Here are three areas in particular that I foresee will rise to the surface: (more…)

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What Do I Mean When I Say Data Migration?

Over the next few months on the Perspectives blog, I would like to address the many facets of what makes a data migration project work, what makes it successful (and what defines success, for that matter).  I am approaching this from the perspective of best practices, including processes, skills and, of course, tools.  As a jumpstart, this post and the next five will cover ‘The Five Pitfalls of Data Migration’.  These are five key areas that anyone starting a data migration, or in the midst of one, must consider.

First things first.  What do I mean when I say data migration?  Generally there are two types of data migration, the storage data migration to address a server or database upgrade, requiring little or no data transformation.  The application data migration addresses an application replacement, upgrade or consolidation, and requires a significant amount of data transformation.  You may be moving to a new version of your CRM application, or consolidating a single view of customer database following an acquisition.  Your organization may be embarking on a modernization program, and moving from legacy bespoke applications to a new off the shelf solution.  Whatever the driver, there are good sound approaches to include when planning your strategy. (more…)

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