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Application Retirement – Preserving the Value of Data (Part Two)

In my previous blog, I looked at the need among enterprises for application retirement. But, what kind of software solution is best for supporting effective application retirement?

It’s important to realise that retirement projects might start small, with one or two applications, and then quickly blossom into full-fledged rationalisation initiatives where hundreds of dissimilar applications are retired. So relying on individual applications or database vendors for tools and support can easily lead to a fragmented and uneven retirement strategy and archiving environment. In any event, some major application vendors offer little or even no archiving capabilities. (more…)

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A Secure, Cost Effective Home For Your Retired Application Data – With Fast, Easy Access

Last month I outlined the reasons why IT organizations should consider eliminating certain applications. The savings in terms of redirecting hardware, software maintenance licenses and full time equivalents (FTE) with specialized skill sets to other more critical projects can be significant. I also noted that all these benefits can be achieved so long as you can continue to retain and access the data easily and cost-effectively for compliance and reporting purposes.

A question that might linger in your mind is how much cost savings can you really achieve if you retire the data but still retain it in a database, with its associated maintenance cost? But what if you had the option to store your data at a fraction of its original size on common file systems, with full audit-ability, built-in retention management, while still maintaining on demand query access for your business users? The resulting savings could be so significant that application retirement might not only be an option, but an overwhelmingly compelling initiative that must be implemented.


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