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How Integration Platform-as-a-Service Impacts Cloud Adoption

Did you know that Forrester estimates in their 10 Cloud Predictions For 2012 blog post that on average organizations will be running more than 10 different cloud applications and that the public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market will hit $33 billion by the end of 2012?

However, in the same post, Forrester also acknowledged that SaaS adoption is led mainly by Customer Relationship Management (CRM), procurement, collaboration, and Human Capital Management (HCM) software and that all other software segments will “still have significantly lower SaaS adoption rates”. It’s not hard to see this in the market today, with cloud juggernaut salesforce.com leading the way in CRM, and Workday and SuccessFactors doing battle in HCM, for example. Forrester claims that amongst the lesser known software segments, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) will be the categories to break through as far as SaaS adoption is concerned, with approximately 25% of companies using these solutions by 2012. (more…)

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Hadoop Security: Part 6 of Hadoop Series

Security is a work-in-progress for the Apache Hadoop project and sub-projects, as I discuss as part of an O’Reilly Hadoop tutorial, “Get started with Hadoop: from evaluation to your first production cluster”. Below are several of the security tips and best practices that I discuss in that article. (more…)

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API Migrations Services Are Here

Simple, flexible, and far faster than you think.

29West API Migration Services

Think it takes a year of pain, risk and QA sweat to migrate to a high performance, next-generation messaging backbone?

Think again.

29West’s customized migration approach provides you the fastest possible path to a high-performance, next-generation messaging backbone.


29West experience has gone into the development of the most flexible and highest performing next-generation messaging solution.  No, you won’t need a stable of products to offer streaming, persistence and queuing semantics to your application developers.

A single API from 29West can cover all of these qualities of service and more.

Thanks to 29West’s nothing-in-the-middle architecture, customers experience orders of magnitude improvements (100X to 1000X) for throughput and latency between publishers and subscribers without having to change the end applications.

Want to know more?  Visit our site. Download the brochure here. Or contact us at 630-836-2990 or sales@29West.com

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