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Lacking Data Integration, Cloud Computing Suffers

The findings of the Cloud Market Maturity study, a survey conducted jointly by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, show that government regulations, international data privacy, and integration with internal systems dominate the top 10 areas where trust in the cloud is at its lowest.

The Cloud Market Maturity study examines the maturity of cloud computing and helps identify market changes. In addition, the report provides detailed information on the adoption of cloud services at all levels within global companies, including senior executives. (more…)

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Hadoop Extends Data Architectures: Part 3 In Hadoop Series

The list and diversity of NoSQL, “NewSQL”, cloud, grid, and other data architecture options seem to grow every year.

The Harry Potter books and movies were a particularly popular inspiration for project names. For example, at LinkedIn, to empower features such as “People You May Know” and “Jobs You May Be Interested In”, LinkedIn uses Hadoop together with an Azkaban batch workflow scheduler and Voldemort key-value store. We’ll see if the Twilight series has a similar impact on project names.


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Cloud Integration Best Practices

Last week I participated in ebizQ’s “Cloud QCamp”, which included a podcast and a best-practice cloud integration webinar with Amazon.com and Dave Linthicum. Kurt Messersmith from Amazon Web Services gave an overview of Amazon’s “on-demand infrastructure for hosting web-scale solutions” and provided some enlightening statistics on their bandwidth usage and growth since it was introduced in 2006. He reviewed the key attributes of cloud computing reviewed some of the diverse enterprise use cases for infrastructure as a service (IaaS). They are:


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