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Three Things You Should Know About The Informatica Cloud

This month’s Informatica Newsletter features an interview with Ron Papas, General Manager of the Informatica Cloud. He’s asked, “What should Informatica customers know about the Informatica Cloud?”

I thought his answer was worth sharing here:

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What’s In A Data Integration Cloud?

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Data Integration: Your Cloud Strategy’s Silver Lining??

Earlier this year, IDC projected that, “by the end of 2009, 76% of U.S. organizations will use at least one SaaS-delivered application for business use” and that “the percentage of U.S. firms which plan to spend at least 25% of their IT budgets on SaaS applications will increase from 23% in 2008 to nearly 45% in 2010.” Great news, right? But is your organization ready? Do you have an overall strategy for “The Cloud”? And if you have already made investments in SaaS applications, do you have a plan to ensure that secure, timely, consistent, and accurate information is being delivered across these systems and throughout the business? (more…)

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Understanding Cloud Integration

There’s no question that Cloud Computing, enabled by the maturity of the web, has become the latest computing platform and is here to stay.  One of the key reasons behind its universal appeal is that the cloud offers real benefits to both business and IT constituents.

Business users were first attracted to cloud applications (Software-as-a-Service) from vendors like salesforce.com, Concur and SuccessFactors because they were easy to provision, easy to manage, easy to use and offered a “pay as you go” subscription licensing model.  More recently, Amazon.com burst onto the scenes with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offerings, providing similar benefits to IT managers and allowing them to do more with less. (more…)

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