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Big Data Unleashed Part 3: Five Considerations For Your Information Management Agenda With Big Data

In Part 2 of the “Big Data Unleashed” series, I discussed how business experimentation and curiosity are at the heart of business enthusiasm for Big Data.  Today, I will discuss how organizations are responding to this Big Data excitement by accelerating the quest for becoming data-centric ─ revisiting and updating their information management roadmaps. (more…)

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What Do Millennials Want? And When Do They Want It? (Answers: The World, And Now)

Generational bulges can have a profound impact on attitudes, culture, and opportunities as they move through organizations. I remember how Dr. Seymour Wolfbein, a business professor at my alma mater, Temple University, connected the dots between the advance of the hefty baby boom generation and management priorities, as members of this group crowded into organizations with their large numbers and new attitudes.

Now, baby boomers are the establishment, and their offspring, another large generation born between 1977 and 2001, is setting a new agenda for business — with profound implications for enterprise data management. (more…)

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