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Messaging Is Dead … Long Live Messaging

A while back I was asked if we should consider buying a software messaging company. Like I’m too often prone to do, I spoke my mind. ”No. It’s dead. That market is over.”  Here I am, 12 months later, running Product Marketing for Ultra Messaging. What?!

Well just like many of us have in our minds (memories) what our high school friends “are supposed” to be doing. We’re often shocked when we find out what they are doing and realize how much has changed and how they have risen to the occasion (OK, some are doing what we thought they would be doing).

For me, messaging was the same. I had my eyes on the traditional vendors. I saw them doing the same things. The ”innovative” idea was taking the old broker based designs and pushing it into silicon / appliances in order to squeak out more performance. I see this as creative but not innovative. Innovative is what you get when you take a clean sheet of paper and say “what have I learned over the years?” “What would I do differently?” “How do I avoid the most amount of work and get far better results?” (Hey, I’m a dreamer what can I say?!) (more…)

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ITRS and 29West Announce Global Partnership, Geneos Interface

26 April 2010, London: ITRS Group plc, the leading provider of predictive, real-time systems and application management products to the world’s financial community, is pleased to announce a new global partnership with 29West. Recently acquired by Informatica (NASDAQ: INFA), 29West is the market leader in high-performance, ultra low-latency messaging solutions.

The two companies will develop an interface between the ITRS Geneos framework and 29West’s Ultra Messaging system. ITRS Geneos provides a powerful set of analytical, consolidation and correlation functions across all managed metrics, while 29West’s Ultra Messaging allows trading and market data applications to communicate with each other with ultra-low latency.

Misha Kipnis, ITRS CTO, said: “We are delighted to be working closely with 29West. The partnership was driven by demand from 29West clients for a comprehensive, professional management and monitoring system. The new interface will greatly increase efficiency and allow 29West clients to manage not only their Ultra Messaging middleware infrastructure, but also, through ITRS Geneos, their trading applications, FIX engines, market data platforms and IT infrastructures.”

Read more here…

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Hear the 29West Update at the STAC Performance Summit, 19 April, London

Lalit Nathwani, 29West director  of business development will give Informatica’s 29West Ultra Messaging update.

This will be the second STAC Performance Summit in London. Speakers hail from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Nomura, Corvil, Solarflare, TS-Associates, Cisco, Informatica (29West), Oregano, Red Hat, Simena, Solace Systems, and VSS Monitoring.

Click here for more information or to register.

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See Us at A-Team Insight Exchange April 26, NYC

29West now part of Informatica will exhibit and host a Drill Down Session in the Plaza Suite at 9:30.

A-Team Insight

Plaza Suite, 9.30 am

Next Generation Trading Systems – High Performance and Low Latency

Leading firms have moved from legacy designs to streamline the execution path for lowest latency. Where will the next wave of performance come from and how will it impact bank and exchange trading system architectures? This session will explore real world patterns of next generation architectures including trends with 10Gig and Infiniband networks and how best to leverage the advances in multi core architectures to achieve the lowest latency.

  • Jitesh Ghai, Global Director, Systems Engineering, 29West now part of Informatica
  • Yuri Salkinder, Director, Credit Suisse

Hear how thought leaders and the most successful customers are leveraging the new technologies for the highest, most profitable performance.

Plaza Suite, 4.15pam

Low Latency Reduction – The Latest Techniques, and Where We’re Heading

The current level of interest in latency reduction is manifesting in three principal ways:  vendors are embracing new techniques;  the requirement for latency reduction implies the requirement for latency monitoring and benchmarking; and lastly, the latency spotlight is also falling on the fundamental principles of network architecture and switch design.   Bob Van Valzah, 29West director of product marketing, will join the TS-Associates sponsored panel of experts.

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It’s Messaging Spock – But Not As You Know It!

During the past three weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our new colleagues at 29West.  I’ve also spoken to many individuals in different industries, members of the media, industry analysts and a fair number of colleagues about Informatica’s acquisition of 29West.  The one question I am consistently being asked from all of these individuals is  – are you getting into the messaging game?  Why are you calling it “zero latency data integration”?

I find this quite interesting since it is clearly an acquisition that takes us into “messaging”, but not in the traditional old-fashioned sense of the word.

“Messaging” has been around for many years and is a general technology category that has really seen little innovation – except in the segment of “low latency”.  29West has led this innovation by producing something which takes messaging to a new level.  They call it “Ultra Messaging” or “Ultra Low-Latency Messaging”. (more…)

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Great Customer Feedback for 29West and Informatica One Week into the Acquisition

Just a week in, and we’re seeing a tremendous show of confidence from our customers.  Confidence in the proven innovation and top-notch support we continue to deliver every day, and confidence in this combination as a positive development  for everyone involved.  The entire 29West team has been retained and now operates as the Ultra-low Latency Messaging business unit of Informatica, headed by Mark Mahowald as GM.  Informatica has a proven track record of growing the companies it has acquired and this is no exception.  Anyone who works with us day to day will attest to our unwavering focus on our customers, our products, and our employees.

The entire team is excited about future prospects for messaging in the capital markets and the industry’s first zero-latency data integration platform.

Quick Facts

  • 29West has moved completely intact as a new business unit into Informatica
  • Mark Mahowald heads up the unit as General Manager
  • Our targets and goals are exactly as they were
  • Our focus continues to be our customers, technology innovation and world class support
  • We continue to build on the success of more than 140 deployments worldwide
  • The innovation that began with LBM, UME and UMQ (Queuing) this month, continues
  • Our vision for 2010 includes one breakthrough API across all use cases
  • Informatica’s 29West Messaging continues to be the next generation messaging  standard
  • We look forward to growing our business and making yours more competitive for many years to come
Stand by for a Live Webinar in April with more details.  To subscribe to our email news, please contact news@29West.com
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Visit Us at TradeTech Europe – April 20-22

TradeTech Europe

Visit the team at TradeTech Equities in London.

April 20-22

ExCeL Centre, London

Booth 155

Stop by and find out what’s new in ultra low latency messaging and hear more about our acquisition by Informatica.  Whether you’re a trader or a technologist, you’ll want to hear the latest on high performance messaging for the next-generation of trading platforms.

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29West, Exegy Announce Next Generation Market Data Distribution Solution

Chicago – 8 March, 2010 – 29West, Inc. the market leader in high-performance, low-latency messaging solutions, and Exegy, the hardware-accelerated market data appliance company, announced today a strategic new offering in market data distribution. The high-performance, space saving, cost effective market data solution for large trading groups is powered by the integration of 29West’s next generation LBM messaging software with Exegy’s unique low-latency market data appliance – the Exegy Ticker Plant.

Scott Parsons, Exegy Chief Scientist and Chief Architect said, “Integrating with 29West is a natural fit given its wide deployment in the high frequency trading space. This powerful combination represents… ” Read full story.

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API Migrations Services Are Here

Simple, flexible, and far faster than you think.

29West API Migration Services

Think it takes a year of pain, risk and QA sweat to migrate to a high performance, next-generation messaging backbone?

Think again.

29West’s customized migration approach provides you the fastest possible path to a high-performance, next-generation messaging backbone.


29West experience has gone into the development of the most flexible and highest performing next-generation messaging solution.  No, you won’t need a stable of products to offer streaming, persistence and queuing semantics to your application developers.

A single API from 29West can cover all of these qualities of service and more.

Thanks to 29West’s nothing-in-the-middle architecture, customers experience orders of magnitude improvements (100X to 1000X) for throughput and latency between publishers and subscribers without having to change the end applications.

Want to know more?  Visit our site. Download the brochure here. Or contact us at 630-836-2990 or sales@29West.com

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29West Announces Next-Generation JMS Solution

Chicago, USA and London, 16 February 2010 – 29West announced a new JMS (Java Message Service) API for its market leading, next-generation Ultra Messaging® product family.

Major bank customers who know they can benefit from 29West’s brokerless design but have 200 or 300 applications to migrate (many of them written to the JMS API), will now be able to exchange messages with their trading applications — typically written in C or .NET APIs — without the need to recompile each application.  The result: a low risk and faster track to high performance messaging for their next-generation trading platforms.

The product provides a market standard JMS API that leverages the low-latency, brokerless messaging design of 29West’s Ultra Messaging® with Queuing product (UMQ) to provide JMS performance with latencies in the sub-100 microsecond range, and throughput of over 1 million messages per second, on commodity hardware.  The JMS API is an extension of 29West’s recently released Zero Object Delivery (ZOD) Java API that minimizes latency spikes normally caused by the Java clean-up process known as “garbage collection.”

“People want to move to next-generation infrastructures,” said 29West President and Founder Mark Mahowald. “They see that the sooner they can do that, the lower their end-to-end costs will be and the better they can keep up with the pace of innovation in the market.”

Read more…

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