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New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again – time to reflect on the previous 12 months and make resolutions for change in the upcoming year. For me personally, the usual suspects apply: eat better, exercise more often, and spend quality time with the family. I’m happy to say that although there is always more that can be done, I usually do a pretty good job of sticking to my goals (now if only I could stay away from the dessert tray)!

Reflecting back on 2011 for the Informatica Marketplace, our resolution for the year was “Accelerate Growth” – and we exceeded even the lofty expectations we set for ourselves. Check out some of these year-end statistics: (more…)

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Gartner Points to Marketplaces as Key 2012 Trend

Recently, Gartner highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2012. Amongst the usual suspects of Cloud computing, social user experience, and mobile applications, App Stores and Marketplaces were highlighted for the first time. According to the report:

“Application stores by Apple and Android provide marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of applications are available to mobile users. This will grow from a consumer-only phenomena to an enterprise focus.” (more…)

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Is There Such A Thing As A Data Governance Crystal Ball?

Imagine you have a crystal ball. With it, you can look into the future and see where your business will be next year, whether or not that key project will be a success or failure. You could take corrective actions today that would help ensure that success. Life would be great.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball so we have to embark on projects not knowing with any degree of certainty whether they will succeed or fail. Fortunately, we can increase our chances of success by conducting some due diligence which helps uncover otherwise unforeseen twists in the road. All too often, however, the due diligence step is left out and projects more often than not fail. (more…)

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More On The “Achilles Heel Of Cloud Computing – Data Integration”

In March of last year I posted a blog here entitled: The Achilles Heel Of Cloud Computing – Data Integration.  “In fact, what currently limits the number of cloud deployments is the lack of a clear understanding of data integration in the context of cloud computing. This is a rather easy problem to solve, but it’s often an afterthought.”

So more than a year later, where are we?

While some progress has been made, many cloud computing implementation projects continue to ignore the value of a sound data integration strategy and the use of the right data integration technology.  Most paint themselves into a data quality and data synchronization corner, but give them time. (more…)

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Data Integration Goes Mobile And Gets Cloudy At Dreamforce 2011

It was quite a week. According to the Tweets from @benioff, “over 45,000 people gave us a week of their summer to attend Dreamforce 2011” – a truly amazing number and a truly amazing conference. Informatica customers and partners were also out in full force as the topic of data integration was front and center in most of the keynotes and breakout sessions. Informatica announced that it’s now running over 20 billion transactions per month via its multitenant cloud integration service and also introduced a mobile administration and monitoring application that is now available on the Apple App Store.

Our session on Hybrid IT – The Importance of Integration to Salesforce Success was run twice due to popular demand and it was a packed house each time. Special thanks to our great customer speakers from PSA Insurance and Financial Services, Topcon Positioning Systems and Qualcomm. You can check out the slides here and the video on Salesforce YouTube Channel soon. (more…)

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Informatica Announces Big Data Cloud Integration

This week a milestone was announced for Informatica Cloud – the multi-tenant data integration service now surpasses 20 billion cloud data transactions and three million cloud data integration jobs per month. What does this mean, you ask? Simply visit and take a look for yourself. You’ll not only see real-time status of the on-demand service, you’ll see how many integration jobs and and transactions are being processed every day. (more…)

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The Innovation Premium

Recently I ran across an article from INSEAD (self-described as “The Business School for the World”), articulating a concept that they call “The Innovation Premium.” Essentially, it is “the premium the stock market gives a company because investors expect it to launch new offerings and enter new markets.” This is documented in detail in their recently published book, “The Innovator’s DNA”, co-authored with Clayton Christensen, noted professor and author of two previous books on innovation: “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “The Innovator’s Solution.” (more…)

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Getting Ready For Dreamforce 2011

dreamforceWhile most people are busy planning vacation time in August, customers and partners, as well as general cloud computing enthusiasts, are gearing up for Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco later this month. According to the website, “There’s a post- PC revolution underway, and your customers have moved to a world that’s entirely social, mobile and open. Has your company?” (more…)

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Informatica Marketplace’s First Birthday

On Monday, 1st August we are celebrating the Informatica Marketplace’s Fist Birthday.

View the webcast to find out how it has become the trusted destination for data integration solutions. The webcast will give you the opportunity to:

  • Hear and watch Informatica leaders discuss the value of the Marketplace for data integration professionals.
  • Hear a Customer share their story on how the Marketplace has helped them be more productive.
  • Listen to a Partner’s experience of how their presence on the Marketplace has impacted their business.
  • See highlights of the re-designed website as the Marketplace scales to meet customer demand. (more…)
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With MDM, Customer Centricity Also Helps With Customer Privacy Compliance

Organizations considering master data management (MDM) to support customer centricity often focus on how MDM can help them attract and retain customers and drive revenue through a complete customer view. They also assess the productivity gains of sparing sales and service teams from hunting for customer data in disparate applications.

It’s important to consider another effect that MDM can have on your organization—enabling compliance with current and future consumer privacy regulations. (more…)

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