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Don’t Forget The Legacy Applications After Data Center Consolidation

As part of their cost cutting program, organizations are consolidating data centers and the applications within them.   Federal and state agencies in the public sector are among those where IT consolidation and moving applications to the cloud are top priorities as part of an overall goal to increase efficiencies and eliminate costs.  In other industries, many consolidations are also under way due to mergers and acquisitions and other cost cutting initiatives.  As you plan or undergo a consolidation project, you also need to plan for the retirement of legacy, redundant applications that are left behind.


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What Will the Software Industry Look Like in 3, 5, Even 10 Years From Now?

Recently Informatica’s Chairman and CEO Sohaib Abbasi was asked to provide commentary on the future of the software industry for SIIA’s annual Vision from the Top. The paper includes input from industry leaders from SIIA members such as Eloqua, GoodData, InsideView, Intuit, Marketo, Opsource, QlikView, Symantec and Xactly. In the the paper, he outlines how “the computer industry will be shaped by the current nexus of megatrends:  Cloud Computing, Social Computing and Mobile Computing.”

Here is Sohaib Abbasi’s answer to the question: “What will the software industry look like in 3, 5, even 10 years from now?” (more…)

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On The Road With Customer Centricity

I had the pleasure this week of presenting at two of our global Customer Centricity events in Europe – one in London and the other in Brussels.  Attendance was strong in both locations (we even had to bring in extra chairs in London where drop-out rates are notoriously high).  In London I presented with Andy Hayler (the CEO of analyst firm “the Information Difference”) and our partner Capgemini.  In Brussels I was with RealDolmen – an Informatica authorised distributor for Belgium.

I really enjoyed all of their presentations and remember hearing a few wonderful quotes:

  • In most companies perception of data is far removed from the reality – reality is always worse
  • MDM is not a destination, it is a journey
  • IT should not lead an MDM project
  • Make sure you have a good business sponsor
  • Don’t run out of money half-way through
  • Don’t try to solve everything at once (more…)
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Realizing The Cost Savings From Healthcare Reforms With Legacy Application Retirement

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided the healthcare industry incentives for the adoption and modernization of point-of-care computing solutions including electronic medical and health records (EMRs/EHRs).   This modernization effort is leaving legacy applications behind, which are no longer of high value, but is costing the organization a lot of money.  These legacy applications are kept around because the data needs to be retained for compliance and accessibility to the data needs to be maintained.  This is a very expensive proposition for most organizations. (more…)

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Post Merger Integration Recipe for Success in Financial Services

I recently read an article written by Ann All titled “Simple Concepts Key to Complex Integration Projects” which discussed some of the hasty mergers and acquisitions since the financial crisis. It also discussed some of the recent successes at Wells Fargo and their integration of Wachovia contributed to  having business involved in the integration strategy, keeping it simple, acknowledging IT’s emotions and insecurities, and having key metrics to monitor progress. Industry consolidation is on the rise globally as companies seek to expand market share, enter new markets, and grow their customer base through mergers and acquisitions. Take a look at what the experts are saying. (more…)

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Powering Financial Services Beyond ETL And Data Warehousing At Informatica World 2010

I just returned from Informatica World 2010 and wanted to share the numerous stories and experiences from some of our banking and capital markets customers using Informatica beyond Extract/Transform/Load (E.T.L) and beyond data warehousing. More importantly, how Informatica is helping these companies combat fraud, manage risk and compliance, accelerate M&A integrations, attract and retain customers, and improve operational efficiencies.  Take a look at what I learned! (more…)

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Answering One Simple Question Shouldn’t Take Six Long Weeks

The CEO of a global technology products manufacturer had a simple question: “I need a list of our top 400 global customers by revenue—immediately.”

The boss got his answer—six weeks later.

That’s how long it took the company’s IT team to root through disparate applications, engage data owners in various business units and geographies, and manually reconcile granular data to answer a basic question that bears directly on the bottom line.

It’s a true story, and one with a happy ending. This multibillion-dollar company implemented Informatica MDM for multidomain master data management (MDM). It exploited the solution’s capabilities and followed best practices in aggressively tackling business-critical data challenges.

Learn about the key business problems solved by MDM as well as best practices  in our white paper, “A GPS for Your MDM Journey”. (more…)

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What Are Your Legacy Applications Costing You?

Has your application portfolio changed over the past 10 years? Have you migrated to newer systems and infrastructure to make your company more competitive? Has your organization gone through mergers or acquisitions where you ‘inherited’ additional applications? Over time, even though these applications may not be used to support current business processes, they are kept on life support simply for occasional access requirements or maybe to meet retention compliance.

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Calling All Architects – Get Engaged in THE Most Important Discussion on Data Services and Data Integration

Do you believe that a solid and well thought through data architecture for efficiently accessing, integrating and processing data is foundational to maximizing business value? Do you want to hear from your peers in the industry, about how they are solving data integration challenges such as speeding-up time to delivery of data, data quality and infrastructure complexity?

If yes, would you like to join the discussion on a data architecture that can help composite applications and portals to efficiently leverage timely, trustworthy and relevant data in an SOA? Or, an architecture that can complement existing data architecture to ensure that business intelligence reports can quickly leverage data that is not in the data warehouse?


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