Tony Young

Tony Young
Mr. Young serves as senior vice president and chief information officer of Informatica with responsibility for the strategic direction of Informatica’s global information systems and technology infrastructure. During his tenure at Informatica, Mr. Young and the Information Technology department have won prestigious industry awards, including the 2006 CIO Decision Midmarket Leadership Award, the 2006 Ventana Research IT Performance Management Leadership Award and the 2007 100 Best Places to Work in IT by ComputerWorld. Prior to joining Informatica in 2002, Mr. Young served at Mindcrossing and Converge, where he was responsible for overseeing product development and product management. Mr. Young began his career at HP where he served for 11 years in a number of information technology and marketing roles. A major milestone at HP included building the first partner portal, as well as building an enterprise portal and e-commerce infrasructure. Mr. Young earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems and a master’s degree in business administration from Santa Clara University.

The Informatica Marketplace Shines At Informatica World 2010

At Informatica World 2010 in Washington, D.C., we had several key announcements for the Informatica Marketplace. There was such a high degree of interest at the event that our booth at the Partner Pavillion was stacked three-deep with people trying to get more information.

Why so much interest? Developers understood the value. They saw the opportunity to be the “hero” in their organization. They saw three key benefits:

1)      Extend their capacity

2)      Solve problems faster

3)      Improve productivity (more…)

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The Value Of A Sentiment

Like many CIOs, I’m in the midst of building my 2011 plan. Every year, I challenge my team to come up with the next big idea for our organization. As we improve our thinking year-over-year, I enjoy reading the analyst research to get their opinions on where the trends are and what we should consider doing. I was recently at a CIO event where we asked one of the large consulting firms to present their 2011 predictions. What resonated with me was a quote about information automation – “from what I want to do to what I need to know”.
I ask myself, what does this mean for our organization. Although I liked the quote, I modified it to be what I consider to be a more progressive statement, “from what I need to know to tell me what’s actionable”.

Telling someone what they need to know is interesting, but it seems to get lost in the morass of information that roils through an organization. We have limited time in our day, and what I really want to know is what’s actionable based on the information that exists beyond my organization. (more…)

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Community, Content And Collaboration – More Confusion Than Ever!

As CIOs embark on their enterprise 2.0 strategy, even more confusion exists around the topic of community, content and collaboration.

Let’s first clarify some nomenclature by defining enterprise 1.0.

These enterprises were happy with implementing document management systems, search, portals and establishing security strategies to protect the perimeter. In this world, you are either inside or outside of the company network. If you need information, you would first need to somehow connect to the network.


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Open For Business!

On March 29, Informatica announced a contest to acquire content for the Informatica Marketplace. Sixty-two days later, we are going live with over 50 high caliber solutions/assets we call “Blocks”. These are the building blocks to your success in your data integration efforts.

I would be remiss if I first didn’t thank all of our team who made this possible as well as all of the partners and developers who contributed Blocks. Many thanks for your dedication, commitment, focus, execution and excellent teamwork.

In my last two blogs, I talked about the value of the Informatica Marketplace and the value an ecosystem has to a company. In this blog, I will expand beyond marketplaces and describe our community strategy and the value of a marketplace within a community. (more…)

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What Is The Value Of An Ecosystem?

I’ve carried an iPhone for the past two years and won’t give it up; despite the fact that I believe its phone quality leaves something to be desired in comparison to others, such as the BlackBerry. Yes, we can blame it on the network, but for some strange reason my BlackBerry never dropped on my 30 mile commute, and it was on the same carrier. (more…)

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Tell Me All About The Informatica Marketplace

I am very fortunate to have a CIO role that extends beyond the traditional responsibilities of IT. Part of my role includes the strategy and implementation of the recently launched Informatica Marketplace.

The Informatica Marketplace has generated a lot of buzz with our customers and partners. Last week while I was presenting at the Pacific Crest Annual Cloud Computing Conference I heard the excitement about our new offering from many of the attendees. Mostly, people appreciated our continued thought leadership and commitment to providing an open platform to host solutions for data integration, data quality and data management. And yes, it is an open platform to host solutions that not only support Informatica, but other vendors too – even competitors. Our fundamental belief is that the hand of free enterprise will ultimately win, so we are willing to provide an open platform to do so.

Here are a few questions I’ve heard and answered over the last few weeks: (more…)

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Your 2010 Resolutions To Become Information Driven

I ended 2009 blogging with my 2010 predictions. Now that we’re in 2010, I’ll begin the new year with resolutions we can all make to move our organizations forward – to become information driven. My purpose is to provide quick anecdotes that are actionable so you can see immediate results.

  1. Ask your IT applications manager to profile the customer data in two or three systems such as sales, marketing and your customer portal. Ask the IT person to quantify the quality of the information in each one. For example, how many duplicate contacts are there, how many customers are not ‘mailable’ or ‘emailable’, how many contacts are missing critical information for sales effectiveness. Once you have that information and know the quality of your data, you can accurately make the business case for what your bad data is costing you. This should result in helping secure the funding necessary to address these issues. (more…)
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What Will 2010 Look Like For IT?

What type of blog would this be if I didn’t end the year with my 2010 predictions?

To begin on a positive note, IT budgets will go up in 2010 after a global average 4-5% decrease in 2009. In many respects, however, 2010 will be even more difficult on IT than 2009. How can I say this if budgets are increasing? Doesn’t this mean we will have more money to throw at nagging issues?

In general, most IT organizations have deferred maintenance on many core infrastructure and application items. For example, in the past, several of my peers would automatically refresh laptops at the three-year mark. I know many of them have extended this to five years. Even though the deferred hardware upgrades had a positive net impact on the budget, it was an increase in IT burden to manage old equipment as the “meantime between failures” increases. Now they are looking to upgrade these boxes. This is true for networks, phone systems, servers, applications… (How many of you are running Windows 2000 and need to upgrade?) (more…)

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What’s The Importance Of Informatica 9 To The CIO?

Informatica 9As a CIO, I am a strong proponent of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and the components of EA articulated by Steven Spewak. Eight years ago, I would sit with the Informatica R&D Chief Architect and describe what I needed to realize our IT architectural vision, as well as the problems I wanted to overcome.

So, what were the problems I wanted addressed?

First, I am a believer of a best of breed strategy. I fundamentally believe the “megavendors” are dictating IT strategy, yet they cannot innovate fast enough – thereby harming IT. To build a best of breed approach, I wanted to build a loosely coupled architecture. In essence, I wanted to abstract the data away from the applications we ran, thereby enabling me to switch vendors if necessary. This would enable me to provide the best solutions to our business as well as maintain negotiating leverage with my vendors. The challenge is that no technology existed to do this cost effectively. (more…)

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What Is The Role Of Enterprise Architecture In Becoming Information Driven?

Informatica 9

Many of us are familiar with the role of IT Enterprise Architecture (EA)…how it defines the architectural blueprints for an organization. From my perspective, I’ve opted to use the analogy of city planning rather than the plans for a building.

I believe a city plan is much more analogous to how we build IT. How so? Buildings are like applications, each with plans for construction. To construct the building, you go through city planning and the building department. Those departments ensure the structure will be built to set standards. Although buildings may look different or have different functions, they fundamentally must follow the set guidelines. (more…)

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