Tony Young

Tony Young
Mr. Young serves as senior vice president and chief information officer of Informatica with responsibility for the strategic direction of Informatica’s global information systems and technology infrastructure. During his tenure at Informatica, Mr. Young and the Information Technology department have won prestigious industry awards, including the 2006 CIO Decision Midmarket Leadership Award, the 2006 Ventana Research IT Performance Management Leadership Award and the 2007 100 Best Places to Work in IT by ComputerWorld. Prior to joining Informatica in 2002, Mr. Young served at Mindcrossing and Converge, where he was responsible for overseeing product development and product management. Mr. Young began his career at HP where he served for 11 years in a number of information technology and marketing roles. A major milestone at HP included building the first partner portal, as well as building an enterprise portal and e-commerce infrasructure. Mr. Young earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems and a master’s degree in business administration from Santa Clara University.

A CIO’s Take on Informatica’s Virtual Data Machine

Informatica Corporation CIO, Tony Young talks about the benefits of the Virtual Data Machine for companies.

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Big Data in India

Last week I was in both Bangalore and Mumbai providing the keynote address at the Informatica World Tour events. I also had the opportunity to visit with customers and speak with media. Much like the rest of the world, big data is all the buzz. I was particularly taken by a set of questions asked by local media. I thought I’d share them with you along with some of my perspectives.

Who needs big data? What kind of business problems should an enterprise be facing to consider big data? (more…)

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What Do “Clouds” Look Like in China?

Current situation

After having lived in China since May 2012, I’ve been fortunate to have met with the leaders of most multinational software companies, leaders of local firms as well as industry analysts. My inspiration for this blog is based on a conversation I had with a senior leader at a leading “cloud” provider. (more…)

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Focus in 2013

Like many of you, this time of year means budgeting. Every year is different, and budgeting for 2013 is no exception – so how do I maximize the return on investment for our shareholders?

What makes 2013 different? For many of us, the global economic climate and political change means uncertainty. In most cases, this leads to cautious optimism and moderate budget increases at best. As I was scouring the IT Leadership Exchange for benchmark data. I found the data to be consistent. (more…)

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Leverage Big Data or Go Out of Business

I’m sitting in the Taiwan airport on my way to Guangzhou. We just completed the Informatica World Tour in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan, and I’ve had the opportunity to deliver the keynote presentation, Maximize Your Return on Big Data.

All of our audiences exceeded our expectations. We had 50% more attendees than planned. Why? Big data. It is a hot topic and everyone is trying to determine how to leverage big data in their enterprise to get a competitive advantage. At the event, I made the point – if you’re not trying to understand how to leverage big data in your enterprise, your successor will. Kitty Fok, the IDC China Country Manager, spoke after me. Her consistent comment was – “if your company isn’t looking to leverage big data, you will be out of business.” (more…)

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How Do You Enable Mobility in the Enterprise?

I had a conversation with our CFO last year regarding securing the enterprise to support mobility. I said the answer is really easy. In fact, it will reduce cost. (more…)

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Does Asia Get IT?

Tony Young, CIO in Hong Kong

I recently returned from China and Hong Kong after having met with several CIOs, media and analysts, as well as delivering keynotes focused on customer centricity. When I return to the US after traveling, I’m often asked about the state of IT in the geography I was just in. I’ve been to both China and Hong Kong several times over the past few years, and from my perspective, IT is maturing at a very rapid pace in that region.

During prior trips to Asia, it felt like the old days of data processing. I would speak with senior IT leaders and they were more concerned with the “blocking and tackling” of IT, and not looking at how IT can provide a strategic competitive advantage. Specifically in China, IT leadership was comfortable scaling by applying people to the problem rather than using commercial software. (more…)

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Video: CIOs Driving More Business Value Today

Tony Young, Informatica CIO, shares his views about how IT organizations can contribute significantly to bottom line business benefits. He discusses the traditional IT “Keep The Lights On” model, where nearly 80% of IT spend is focused on maintaining existing infrastructure and 20% on innovation.  Moving forward, Tony is shifting his focus, as well as his teams, toward a majority of time and resources being focused on innovation. Informatica’s CIO also shares his views about which technologies he is most excited about this year, including virtualization and cloud. Tony also discusses how he is making the user experience at Informatica as seamless as possible for all employees, no matter what location they are in, role they have or device they are using.

What technologies are you most excited about in 2011 that will help you drive more high level activities?

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Does IT Move Too Slowly?

In the February 26, 2011 edition of InformationWeek, Chris Murphy wrote a compelling article reinforcing the need for IT to move faster. He highlighted several CIOs and what they are doing to move more quickly. Examples included:

  • Dropping project cycle time from six  to three months based on analyzing project data and baselining techniques
  • Developing data centers and software development models that work off of a common set of standards for everything (factory approach)
  • Deploying a minimal set of functionality, e.g. iPod touch for POS, and then seeing what suggestions for new innovation are unveiled
  • Adopting new delivery models such as Agile (more…)
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Is The Cloud Real?

Many of us read reports from industry pundits as well as the latest industry rags and hear the “experts” describe the latest trends. A lot of these for the most part, don’t come to fruition. The most unfortunate part is that our bosses and internal customers read these reports as gospel and we spend our time debunking a lot of the myths.

An area that is much hyped is the Cloud. The question is whether or not this is fact or fiction. Today, I will focus on SaaS in particular, as even the word Cloud conjures up conflicting images. In my world, SaaS is real. The most compelling metric is that in 2010, the number of Cloud apps exceeded our on-premise apps, and the impact on our business and IT has been profound. Let me repeat, SaaS exceeds on-premise apps! (more…)

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