Scott Fingerhut

Scott Fingerhut
Scott is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Informatica’s CEP Business Unit. He previously served as the Sr. Director over Tibco’s Business Optimization product line having introduced the company’s business activity monitoring and complex event processing products. Scott has authored published articles on application integration, activity monitoring, business intelligence and data mining and has spoken at a variety of global industry and government conferences. He previously held marketing and public relations management positions at the world’s largest global public relations agency, Weber-Shandwick representing customers that include Compaq Computers and Hewlett-Packard. He holds a masters degree in organizational management and bachelors in business management from San Diego State University.

Craziest 2012 CEP Predictions – Watson, Kardashian, the BCS and More

Remember the last time you were home in the evening, there was little in your kitchen to eat but you didn’t want to go out? Then you had an idea – that you could concoct a delicious meal made from a variety of completely unrelated and forgotten frozen and semi-fresh food coupled with rarely used spices  and other odd ingredients.  That’s a lot like predicting the future. If you stay safe and conservative, you’re going to get close to what you expect. But, if you get all crazy (think stir fry Top Ramen and turkey jerky), your prediction will sound cool, but has a low probability of working out (unless you are on Top Chef). (more…)

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What Tim Tebow and CEP Have in Common?

Actually, not much, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to mention Tebow in a blog after yet another miraculous victory.  Seriously, there’s actually some interesting commonality with CEP and not just Tim Tebow, but most NFL quarterbacks.

Tim Tebow loves CEP

In his new book ‘Event Processing for Business‘, father-of-CEP, David Luckham says, “In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, real-time events require immediate action. Event processing (EP)-the ability to  collect, analyze, and react to real-time events-is a key component of twenty first century business information systems.” (more…)

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The Mundane Is A Lot To Be Thankful For

So, there I am, taking a long hot shower. And I thought, what an amazingly simple yet indulgent perk of our life. So, that inspired me to look at our mundane life with a different perspective. How the seemingly mundane can be the amazing and how we should be thankful for the circumstances we find ourselves in.

For a wonderful U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving, I tried to walk through my average day and augment the information with some research found across the web (I make no claims about the accuracy of this research).  The purpose of the following is not to make any of us feel guilty, cut back on what we do, go out and try to change the world (or make a political statement), but rather embrace these mundane daily acts as amazing things to have, to cherish and to be thankful for. (more…)

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Zombies! Yes, They Are Real and Lurking Everywhere

Zombies are pretty big in Hollywood these days.  The movie Zombieland was a huge box office success and taught us some valuable lessons for surviving when zombies take over the world. There were over 30 rules revealed. My two favorites were: 1) Good Cardio – to outrun zombies and 4) Doubletap – shoot a zombie twice to make sure they are done.

Surprisingly, the movie never talked about ZOMBIE WORKFLOWS!!! (more…)

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Twice The Fun With Data Replication

Or three, four, five times the fun!

Today we announced the addition of innovative data replication technology, which comes from WisdomForce (welcome to the Informatica family!).

Customers have diverse needs and along with our current offerings, our new solutions deliver Universal Data Replication.

I’d like to highlight a few key sections of our press release: (more…)

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You Cannot Resist – Puppies, Babies And Big Data

It’s a classic marketing bait and switch.  We show you a puppy or baby or a baby riding a puppy and you’re hooked.  Then we can sell you something cool like the ThighMaster 2011.

I'm Tempe, will you buy my product?

In fact according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Adweek Media, puppies and babies draw positive reactions when seen in ads. In response to the question, “Which of the following is most likely to ‘tug at your heart-strings’ when you see it in a commercial?” 41 percent of the 2,098 U.S. adults surveyed answered “a puppy,” while 34 percent responded with “a baby.”

So, I’ve used my own puppy picture as part 1 of my diabolical plan to get you to check out a funny baby (part 2) video.  We used our baby babble translation adapters to subtitle their exchange.  Apparently Big Data is on par with pureed peas.  At Informatica, we think peas are great, but Big Data is also pretty darn cool.







Watch the video by clicking here.


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My Dry Cleaner Rocked My World: A Loyalty Lesson For Big Companies

Shocked! I was simply blown away the other day by the most unlikely of companies – our dry cleaners.

Here’s what happened:

I went in on Saturday to pick up my dry cleaning. This establishment is owned and operated by a family.  I was greeted by the mother/owner who asked how my wife was doing.  I told her it was the day of her baby shower so I was staying away and running errands.  She asked me to hold on for a minute and disappeared only to return with a bag in hand and said it was a gift for my wife.

My Dry Cleaner Really Loves Me!

She told me that last time my wife was in, she noticed that she was pregnant and looked up our last name on several registries, found an entry and bought something off it. (more…)

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Informatica 9.1 Can Help You Be Captain Proactive

When something is really good, you’ve got to keep using it and last year the award-winning Comedy Central show South Park featured a character called “Captain Hindsight.”  I won’t describe it, just watch it and please return to finish reading this blog. Here’s a link to a site with the perfect clip

As part of Informatica’s 9.1 launch, we are introducing a new offering called “Proactive PowerCenter Monitoring.” This will actually be an option for PowerCenter. (more…)

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Difficult April – Amazon, Sony and 4G Networks Ohh My!

Verizon’s 4G network goes down, cripples Thunderbols

Amazon failure takes down sites across the Internet

With PSN Still Down, Sony Says Data May be Tainted

These headlines are just some examples of the new levels of complexity with systems that rely on many services to stay up, have constant attempts to exploit security holes and thousands if not millions of consumers demanding “right now” service.

Sometimes I meet customers and talk about how CEP can help them proactively monitor their operations so they can get one step ahead of problems. Once in a blue moon, a customer will tell me they don’t have problems. It’s not polite for me to disagree out loud, so I say “I disagree” in my silent voice and then probe on. (more…)

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Headlines Of Hilarity – Man Gets $16M Cable Bill

Would you be surprised to hear that his bill amount was not remotely close to the biggest billing mistake?  One man in Texas got a bill 2,000 times the national debt!

Could there be an easier application of CEP (Complex Event Processing) to correct such silly errors?  Some studies suggest that consumers are overbilled consistently in categories ranging from utilities to grocery stores.   Watching for large deviations in current billing against historical norms can provide for easy identification of probable future issues. (more…)

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