Prasad Palla

Prasad Palla

Secular Trends and the Informatica Marketplace

We all heard the news of Facebook’s $100 billion IPO a few weeks ago and according to some analysts Apple will be the first company with a trillion dollar market value courtesy of their iPhones and iPads. It is amazing the scale and speed with which technology is changing and how it is shaping the world. These changes and pace bring new challenges to IT organizations. IT organizations have to adjust to the new ways users interact and communicate and support decision-makers in organizations and governments by providing intelligence from the large amounts of business data that are being generated.   (more…)

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Productivity Mall Launches On The Marketplace

A few days ago, I was in conversation with a group of Informatica Technology practitioners. The group consisted of senior managers responsible for implementing IT projects that primarily used Informatica products. The discussion soon led to issues they are facing and everybody shared how increasingly difficult it is to manage projects with ever increasing scope and decreasing budget and timelines. Something had to be done to address the issue. We discussed this in the Marketplace team and it became the genesis for the idea of the Productivity Mall. I’m proud to say we launched the Productivity Mall on Jan 24th.

The Productivity Mall is a destination for Informatica users who are seeking ways for improving their productivity at work and reducing timelines of their projects.  The Mall has solutions that satisfy Informatica developers and Informatica Administrators. Developers can find a number of tools which help save time and simplify development efforts.  For Administrators, there are tools which help in managing Informatica environments. Solutions are available in all areas of Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Management. (more…)

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What’s New With The Marketplace?

Happy New Year!

This year the Marketplace has got a new look. The user interface (UI) was redesigned to give a better user experience. Now the UI makes it easier to browse by technology category and the search option is better optimized. There are dedicated malls for Analytix DS, TCS and Informatica Cloud which you can access from the home page.

The Ideation module is now up and running. This allows community members to post ideas that they would like to see built using Informatica products. We have received some very interesting ideas. Check them out on the site, and if you have any ideas, please feel free to post them. (more…)

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Marketplace News From Informatica World 2010

Informatica World 2010 was our largest and most successful Informatica World ever. We had over  1300 delegates at the conference. It was a great venue to showcase the Informatica Marketplace,  a key initiative of Informatica’s as it received prominent billing at the event.

Informatica’s CEO, Sohaib Abbasi’s keynote was the first place it was showcased. He covered how the Informatica Marketplace allows customers to go ‘beyond’ Informatica to get the products and solutions they need and want.  These are products built by Informatica and its’ partners and showing the market how data Integration use cases are expanding. (more…)

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Whats Going On With The Informatica Marketplace?

Tune into Informatica World this week to find out! But here’s a little teaser …. launched in June, the Marketplace is bringing some of the best data integration solutions to market making them available to everyone. We have solutions for improving productivity, easier management of workflows, to help enable customers to extract data from web sites and many more. We also have a number of free tools developed by engineers from our very own Informatica Labs.

Informatica Marketplace figures prominently at Informatica World 2010. Don’t miss the keynote session when our CIO will announce the winner of the Marketplace Block contest.  You’ll also, hear details about the next innovation drive. Attend and find out what’s in it for you.

If you’re there in person then check out the dedicated booth in the Partner Pavilion. You’ll:

  • Experience the Marketplace first hand and be eligible to participate in the iPad Raffle contest.
  • Get to know about free trials that are available for select Marketplace solutions.

We’re excited about the progress being made and I’d like to invite you to keep checking my blog. I will keep you posted on the interesting things that are happening around the Marketplace.

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