Pattabhi Raman

Pattabhi Raman
Pattabhi Raman is Manager of Global Support Infrastructure and Communities at Informatica. He leads the Global support infrastructure, focusing on implementing a scalable support infrastructure, including systems, processes and procedures

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video Worth a Million?

Yes!! Only if you are an Informatica customer who has access to our latest Support videos.

Informatica Global Customer Support is delighted to announce the launch of its Support TV with access to over a hundred videos in HD quality. These self-help videos will help you learn more about the products and troubleshoot issues easily, effectively .

We are always looking for new ways to enable customers to better help themselves and the launch of Support TV is a big step in that endeavor.

Watch, Learn, Resolve. This is our motto. (more…)

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