Mukesh Marodia

Mukesh Marodia

Alternative Methods of Managing Data Growth and Best Practices for Using Them as Part of an Enterprise Information Lifecycle Management Strategy

Data, either manually created, or machine generated, tend to live on forever, because people hold on to it for fear that they might lose information by destroying data.

There is a saying in Bhagavad Gita:

jaathasya hi dhruvo mr.thyur dhr.uvam janma mr.thasya cha |
thasmaad aparihaarye’rthe’ na thvam sochithum-arhasi ||

For death is certain to one who is born; to one who is dead, birth is certain; therefore, thou shalt not grieve for what is unavoidable.(more…)

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Database Partitioning and Database Archiving; Can They Be Used Together to Optimize Applications?

Database partitioning and database archiving are both methods for improving application performance. Many IT organizations use one or the other, but using them together can provide additional incremental value to an organization.

Database partitioning is a well-known method to DBAs and is supported by most of the commercially available databases. The benefits of partitioning include: (more…)

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