Mike Pickett

Mike Pickett

A-Team Low Latency Event: Big Data In Action

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the A-Team Group Low Latency Event in New York City where as you would expect, the talk was about the continued push for lower and lower latency but also the massive growth of data. If there’s ever an example of Big Data in action, Capital Market are it!

Jitesh Ghai from the Ultra Messaging Business Unit participated in panel discussion on market data and how enterprises are dealing with the incredible volumes. He highlighted how some of our customers have gained massive performance improvements and lower latency while reducing hardware infrastructure. They did this by combining marketing data hardware solutions with Ultra Messaging software for cross enterprise distribution. (more…)

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Efficiency Is The Name Of Today’s Game

In my last post I talked about airlines becoming more efficient (or not) and I started thinking about how everything today is about efficiency – not a bad thing when you consider the growth of data volumes we’re seeing everywhere (go to YouTube and search “exponential times” – some interesting videos). Efficiency is necessary for scale, but also efficiency is about better use of resources (think Green). (more…)

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Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is A Direct Line

After a few years being off the road, I’m back racking up the miles. That isn’t necessarily so bad unless you need to go to a city that is not one of your airline’s primary hubs. If it isn’t, you go through their hub (or two) before you get to your location. Not at all efficient for me!

The airlines have had a tough go at it over the past couple decades. They’re trying to make the most out of a rigid infrastructure as well as an aging transport mechanism (airplanes that are 20, 30 or 40 year old designs). Central hubs are what they have to do in order to get some level of efficiency. (more…)

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Messaging Is Dead … Long Live Messaging

A while back I was asked if we should consider buying a software messaging company. Like I’m too often prone to do, I spoke my mind. ”No. It’s dead. That market is over.”  Here I am, 12 months later, running Product Marketing for Ultra Messaging. What?!

Well just like many of us have in our minds (memories) what our high school friends “are supposed” to be doing. We’re often shocked when we find out what they are doing and realize how much has changed and how they have risen to the occasion (OK, some are doing what we thought they would be doing).

For me, messaging was the same. I had my eyes on the traditional vendors. I saw them doing the same things. The ”innovative” idea was taking the old broker based designs and pushing it into silicon / appliances in order to squeak out more performance. I see this as creative but not innovative. Innovative is what you get when you take a clean sheet of paper and say “what have I learned over the years?” “What would I do differently?” “How do I avoid the most amount of work and get far better results?” (Hey, I’m a dreamer what can I say?!) (more…)

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