Julianna DeLua

Julianna DeLua

Introducing HParser

Today, Informatica is announcing the immediate availability of Informatica HParser, the first enterprise-class data parsing transformation solution for Hadoop environments. Available in a free community edition and commercial editions, Informatica HParser empowers organizations to maximize their Return on Data by extracting the value of complex, unstructured data traditionally under-exploited in the enterprise.  Please view how Ronen Schwartz, Vice President of Products, B2B Data Exchange and Data Transformation explains what drove Informatica to build and release HParser. Why We Built HParser.

To understand why this is important to the Hadoop community, let’s look at how organizations are using Hadoop today. In 2011, Ventana Research completed a benchmark research survey among 163 large scale data users. (more…)

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Unleashing The Power Of Big Data Part 7: When Hadoop Grows Up

The first time I heard about Hadoop was several years ago.  I was at a local Teradata user group meeting for in San Francisco.  This is where many of the technology and other data-centric companies in Silicon Valley go to socialize and share ideas.  One of our joint customers in the insurance industry was asking Teradata’s Dan Graham,  a veteran of the database industry and now the General Manager of Enterprise Systems:  “So can you tell me more about Hadoop?  How do we make sense of this?  Is this a replacement to traditional database systems? Or is this a technology that augments what we have invested over the past few years?” (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 6: Dream Big When Cloud Meets Big Data

Darren Cunningham of Informatica described a pivotal transition happening in an enterprise on Sandhill.com – From Cloud Skeptical to Cloud Curious to Cloud First. “For most people working in IT organizations today, cloud computing is very much the here and now.” But it wasn’t too long ago in most organizations that cloud computing was the point of contention:  business could not wait for IT to deliver what they needed so they tried to get up and running faster by resorting to cloud implementations.  Faster and cheaper was the king.  Many IT organizations were in a state of turmoil about how to respond to this possibility of cloud computing (and specifically software as a service (SaaS) applications, potentially making their jobs irrelevant.  With increasing economic pressures to content with, CIOs were asked to explain what cloud means to their organizations and present their plans to outsource applications, platforms and infrastructure to cloud providers.  Meanwhile, business executives were thinking that they could access better, cheaper, and more reliable services via cloud applications. (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 5: Socialize Your Big Data

Let us turn our attention to the second secular trend, “Social”.  By that I mean “Social” to go broader than just social media and its analytics capabilities like sentiment analysis.  In the Teradata Magazine article entitled, “Sharing the wealth of data drives success”, Dr. Andreas S. Weigend mentions, “The social data revolution represents a shift in the mindset of customers. In essence, people are willing to share data about themselves when they see that sharing creates a benefit without obvious risks.”  Going one step further he described, ´“It would be foolish to run a business without making use of social data. When you take advantage of the insight social data offers, you aren’t just doing the same thing a little differently or somewhat faster. You are doing something different.” A trend that is accelerating now in the social data revolution is the enterprise use of social data.

Take the example of Chatter. This tool is available for salesforce.com customers and allows organizations to: (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 4: What Does “Mobile” Have To Do With Big Data?

 In my last blog, I discussed five areas of considerations for your information management agenda with Big Data. In the next three blogs, I will discuss how three secular trends, namely, Mobile, Cloud and Social are driving the evolution of Big Data.  In this blog, part four of the series, let’s explore “Mobile”. There are many reasons why people are fascinated by the impact of mobility.  According to Applied Mobility of Tech Trends 2011 by Deloitte, consumer interest in smartphones, tablets and untraditional connected devices such as set-top boxes, telematics, video games and embedded appliances is growing faster than any other product segment, with a projected growth of 36%. This staggering growth in mobility is driving the production and consumption of Big Data in three ways:

  •  People and devices are generating far more transaction data than before as it is cheaper and simpler to complete any transactions – buying books in a cafe with your iPad or completing banking transactions with a BlackBerry.  Transaction data growth is accelerating as more enterprises are adopting smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, following the consumer trend. (more…)
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Webinar: Dr. Kimball On Evolving Role Of EDW For Big Data Analytics

Exploiting diverse information has become a business imperative in the era of Big Data. Informatica is excited to hold a Web seminar on the Evolving Role of EDW for Big Data Analytics with Dr. Ralph Kimball on Thursday, July 28 at 11:30am PT/ 1:30pm ET.  In this live seminar, we will touch upon diverse topics including:

How is Big Data impacting the EDW practice? (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 3: Five Considerations For Your Information Management Agenda With Big Data

In Part 2 of the “Big Data Unleashed” series, I discussed how business experimentation and curiosity are at the heart of business enthusiasm for Big Data.  Today, I will discuss how organizations are responding to this Big Data excitement by accelerating the quest for becoming data-centric ─ revisiting and updating their information management roadmaps. (more…)

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Big Data Meets Sentiment Analysis!

So now you are interested in proposing Big Data projects, but are skeptical about getting business excited about yet another IT project?  Somehow the business did not want to talk about data integration, data quality and master data management despite all the homework you did to propose a plan of action? Enter sentiment analysis.  (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 2: Business Experimentation And Curiosity With Big Data

There is a recurring theme about Big Data projects. It’s about getting business excited about gaining deeper insight into how your organization is running ─ from all sources of data that is not traditionally available, at least cost-effectively.  It involves social, mobile and cloud data and of course, includes historical insight from the traditional relational data sources stored that are clean and integrated (well, in an ideal world).  Understanding what your customers and partners are feeling about your company can be extracted from text-based data and mining of relationships. The insight will be more powerful if you know the relationship history with them. Analyzing against search indexes and Web page views is also a prime example – again the key is to test those “behavioral patterns” that can translate into a better engagement model.  There is a tremendous spirit of experimentation and curiosity in the process. Hadoop is also fueling this trend as IT can now store data that they used to throw away after a certain period and use its cost-effective, data processing power against unstructured data, the processing of which may not have been the strong suit for traditional databases. (more…)

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Big Data Industry Analyst Coverage Round-Up!

Thanks to all who attended our online launch event and visited our Website to learn about Informatica 9.1 for Big Data last week.  We are pleased to learn about your interest, plans and questions about Big Data triggered by our announcement.  We pre-briefed a number of industry analysts who track the Big Data-related market actions to share our strategy and gain their insights.  Check out the short  round-up of their coverage and mentions of Informatica last week. Check back for more articles and blogs in the coming weeks and months including customer interviews.  Stay tuned! (more…)

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