Judy Ko

Judy Ko
Judy is Vice President of solutions and platform product marketing at Informatica. She leads the solution and product marketing team responsible for crafting the Informatica value proposition across the entire product portfolio, communicating how the Informatica Platform solves customers' most critical business issues. She also leads the team responsible for driving global go-to-market campaigns, maximizing impact on pipeline and revenue by aligning marketing, sales and product management. Previously, she was vice president of product management and marketing at Informatica, leading the team responsible for defining, managing and marketing Informatica’s core data integration products. Her team was also responsible for driving Informatica's solutions to market, including data warehousing, data migration, master data management (MDM), data governance, and integration competency centers (ICCs). Prior to joining Informatica, Judy also spent time at BEA Systems, Calico Commerce, and Mercer Management Consulting. Judy holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and management systems from Princeton University and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School.

Informatica 9.5 for Big Data Challenge #1: Cloud

Just five years ago, there was a perception held by many in our industry that the world of data for enterprises was simplifying. This was in large part due to the wave of consolidation among application vendors. With SAP and Oracle gobbling up the competition to build massive, monolithic application stacks, the story was that this consolidation would simplify data integration and data management. (more…)

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Big Data: Someone Else’s Problem?

There is a huge amount of buzz and hype in the market around big data. Words like Hadoop, Cassandra, Hive, NoSQL are frequently thrown around, and it can seem like they are largely detached from most people’s day-to-day reality.  Particularly for folks who are doing the heavy lifting of data integration and data management for their organizations, all the buzz can seem like mere noise.  I often hear comments such as:

  • “We don’t do big data here.  Our volumes aren’t that big.”
  • “There are some folks playing around with Hadoop in the lab, but that’s about it.”
  • “I think this may have potential use for us, but I’m not really sure.  There’s too much hype right now.  And I’m way too busy to sort through it all.” (more…)
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Enterprise Applications Myth #3: Big Data is Just Another New Data Source

This is the third and last post in my myth-busting series.  Myth #1 was “Apps and Data Live and Die Together“.  Myth #2 was  “You Only Need to Focus on the Application in Any Modernization Initiative.”  Now for #3.

Myth:  “Big data” is just another type of data, and IT will figure out how to get it into our enterprise applications.

Fact:  There is a whole new world of data out there that is waiting to be tapped for the business—data from web activity, social media interactions, mobile devices, sensors, tags—you name it. You can monitor Facebook and Twitter to understand how customers feel about your company, and link it to the products they have purchased from you. You can utilize sensor data from manufacturing equipment to improve quality control. You can track shipments on trucks and trains to dynamically optimize logistics and scheduling.  (For some good research on the business opportunity of big data, check out what the folks at McKinsey & Co. have written.) (more…)

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Enterprise Applications Myth #2: You Only Need to Focus on the Application in Any Modernization Initiative

This is the second in a series of myth-busting posts.  Myth #1 was “Apps and Data Live and Die Together“.

Myth #2:  When embarking on an application modernization initiative, either doing a significant application upgrade or entirely replacing legacy applications, you really only need to focus on the application and making sure that it aligns with your business processes.

Fact:  Managing and migrating data is a top priority in any application modernization initiative, and neglecting the data can introduce huge risk to the project. (more…)

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Enterprise Applications Myth #1: Apps and Data Live and Die Together

This is the first in a series debunking three common myths about enterprise applications and the data that drives them.

Myth:  Enterprise applications and the data in them live and die together.

Fact:  Applications and data have different lifecycles. Sometimes the life of the data is shorter than the application.  Sometimes it is longer.  Either way, the friction between the two raises the cost and complexity of sustaining your applications.  To get this under control, you have to have a separate approach for managing the data vs. managing the application. (more…)

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Enterprise Applications: Cost Sink or Value Add?

Enterprise applications have been the technical foundation for running businesses for decades now.  They have been the top priority for most IT organizations and consume a huge percentage of resources and budget.  While they undoubtedly are critical to the business, the fact that the business is dependent on them can bring huge risk if they aren’t managed correctly. (more…)

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Learnings And Surprises From Informatica World

For many of us Informatica employees, Informatica World is a whirlwind, during which it can be difficult to process all the important things that we hear from all the customers attending.  Now I’ve had a couple days to digest a few things.  It’s clear a lot of things have changed since the last Informatica World in 2008 with how many of our customers are thinking about data integration and information management.  Some of these I was expecting.  Some were surprising—in a good way.

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CIO Top 5 x 2: Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, I wrote about how enterprise information management (EIM) helps CIOs deliver against their top five management priorities.  Now, let’s turn to the top technology areas in which CIOs are investing for the future.  CIO magazine recently did a survey on “Top Tech Priorities.”  The top five items that were “on the radar” or being actively researched by IT organizations were:
1.    Cloud computing
2.    Business intelligence
3.    Business process management
4.    Enterprise architecture/SOA
5.    Enterprise data management

EIM plays a big role in all of these.  Some are self-evident—enterprise data management is often a synonym for EIM, and the link between EIM and BI is pretty clear. But the relationship to some of the other areas may need some connecting-of-the-dots. (more…)

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CIO Top 5×2: Part 1

I was cleaning up my office last week, and I started flipping through my rather large backlog of CIO magazines.  I hadn’t touched the stack in months, since I usually read the online version.  But luckily I took a moment to scan the headlines, as I came across a couple items I hadn’t spent enough time on earlier:  their annual State of the CIO survey, as well as a January survey regarding their “top tech priorities”.

These two surveys provided some interesting insights into the top day-to-day priorities for CIOs, as well as the future things they are keeping their eyes on.  In this posting, I’ll talk about the lynchpin role enterprise information management (EIM) plays in the day-to-day running of the ship. In my next post I’ll talk about how EIM interplays with the various technologies that are at the top of the list for future investment.
From the 2010 State of the CIO survey, the top five management priorities were:
1.    Aligning IT and business goals
2.    Controlling IT costs
3.    IT governance and portfolio management
4.    Business process redesign
5.    Leadership development/staff training (more…)

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The Informatica Marketplace: Tapping The Power of the Crowd

At Informatica, we pride ourselves on the talent and creativity in our R&D groups, and their ability to innovate.  The developers work hard to understand the data challenges our customers face, and then work even harder to create the solutions that have been proven over and over again in real-world situations.

But we also know that there is a ton of data integration and data management expertise out there, beyond the boundaries of our company.  Experienced developers have their bag of tips and tricks, including utilities and templates.  Consultants and system integrators have accelerators, starter kits and packaged services.  Other software providers have developed their own solutions to solve common data problems in the enterprise. (more…)

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