John Lira

John Lira

Tips & Tricks: Informatica MDM Now Supports Record Locking

Attention MDM developers, did you know that Informatica Master Data Management MultiDomain Edition now supports record locking in addition to table locking? Now you can have a batch process and allow users to access data without locking the entire table.

As of release 9.x, MDM now supports record locking. Earlier versions of MDM MultiDomain allowed table locks, but newer versions (since 9.x) allow for record locking.

You can accomplish record locking by enabling “BATCH API Interoperability.” (more…)

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Three Valuable Ways To Use Your Metadata Manager MDM Tool

You probably know that you can and must validate the integrity of your Data Model using the Metadata Manager Tool workbench (MET), but you can also do much more. In this blog I focus on three additional things you can do with the MET.

Once you have used MET to obtain a valid Data Model, you can continue using MET to:

Migrate your project from development to test, and to production via change lists. (more…)

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