Eva Chase

Eva Chase

Want to Keep Your Job?

“Only those who constantly retool themselves stand a chance of staying employed in the years ahead.” – Thomas J. “Tom” Peters

This is a pretty powerful statement. Powerful because it incites an emotional reaction while at the same time forcing a person to step outside of their comfort zone. The emotional reaction comes from hearing the words ‘staying employed’ – as this is something that is important to most of us. Taking us outside of our comfort zone is the self-scrutiny that this quote naturally generates.  What are we doing to advance our skills, tools and knowledge to keep pace with what is going on all around us? (more…)

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Informatica Certification: Why Performance-Based Testing?

Why performance based testing? Performance based testing measures your ability to apply your knowledge and achieve a specific outcome. Customer success demands that a practitioner’s ability to implement, configure and use our products is validated. (more…)

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Informatica Certification: Demonstrate Your Skills and Ability

Informatica customers are faced with many options when selecting vendors and services, and it isn’t simply pricing that drives the decision making process. To be noticed today, data integration professionals need the credentials and reputation that official certification can provide.

Now, more than ever, it comes down to proven qualifications when making a vendor or staffing choice.  Certification provides the assurance that the required skills have been demonstrated and validated for project success. A recent study by Constellation Research confirms that “peace of mind” deployments are the number one thing that companies expect from solution providers. Certification brings peace of mind that the project team has the right skills needed to do the job. Enabling our partners and customers to demonstrate their skills objectively is the driving force behind the transformation of Informatica’s new certification program. (more…)

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Do You Have The Skills To Stand Out As The Go-To Data Quality Expert?

Regardless of your specific industry focus, there is no denying that the tsunami of big data is changing the way we do business. Our customers have admitted that along with the anticipation and excitement of being in the midst of this big technological wave, there is also some anxiety about how to manage all this data. We can practically feel the disciplines of data integration, master data management (MDM), data governance and data quality rising up in importance.

But ask yourself this: Do you have a strategy in place today to ensure that the business has confidence in your data? You may already know that Informatica’s data quality solution helps increase revenue, reduce cost and manage risk. But, do you have the knowledge and skills needed to profile, standardize, match and consolidate data as effectively and efficiently as you can? (more…)

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How Are You Enabling Your Organizations Business Performance?

Are you accelerating your company’s project delivery needs?

Many Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies understand that their mission-critical data must be managed, so if you are a developer with the desire to work faster and better you should think about Informatica University Training and Certification.

Why? Because you can establish yourself as a key resource with the skills and experience to 1) ensure a trusted view of your organization’s business data, 2) to accelerate your company’s project delivery needs, or just 3) to demonstrate that you have the needed skills to provide your business the right information at the right time. (more…)

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