Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson
Chris Carlson is the Director, Technology Evangelism for Informatica’s Complex Event Processing business. He joined Informatica with its acquisition of Agent Logic in 2009, where he ran Product Management and new solutions development for the company’s flagship RulePoint complex event processing product. Prior to joining Agent Logic, Chris was Vice President of Product Management at Lucid Security, subsequently acquired by Trustwave, the leading provider of security and PCI DSS compliance management solutions, and previously held Product Management and Chief Technology positions at network security and application performance management start-ups. He was a Principal Security Consultant at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and held system architecture roles at Booz Allen and Hamilton.

Social Media Monitoring with CEP, pt. 2: Context As Important As Sentiment

When I last wrote about social media monitoring, I made a case for using a technology like Complex Event Processing (“CEP”) to detect rapidly growing and geospatially-oriented social media mentions that can provide early warning detection for the public good (Social Media Monitoring for Early Warning of Public Safety Issues, Oct. 27, 2011).

A recent article by Chris Matyszczyk of CNET highlights the often conflicting and confusing nature of monitoring social media.  A 26-year old British citizen, Leigh Van Bryan, gearing up for a holiday of partying in Los Angeles, California (USA), tweeted in British slang his intention to have a good time:  “Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America.” Since I’m not too far removed the culture of youth, I did take this to mean partying, cutting loose, having a good time (and other not-so-current definitions.) (more…)

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The Reality of Real-Time: When Fast Enough Can Make You Real Money

One person’s “real-time” is another person’s “fast enough”.  (Or is it vice versa?)  I’ve been in the Complex Event Processing (CEP) space for almost five years, and nothing gets this industry more spun up than heated discussions about “feeds and speeds” –  the fastest products, the lowest  latencies, the greatest event volumes, the most events per second and so on. (more…)

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Proactive Customer Service for Transportation Operators

As a long-time practitioner of Complex Event Processing (referred to as “CEP”) technologies, I see the world in a different way – seemingly difficult problems can easily be solved by this technology.  Whenever I hear of a business problem needing timely responses to critical events, I think “CEP!”  Whenever a customer asks how they can get their business users more involved in operational decisions and influence outcomes, I say “CEP!”  And whenever I read an article where the author asserts that companies need to modernize to be more proactive and customer-centric, I think “I need to call that guy and tell him about ‘CEP!’”

Here’s one case: (more…)

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Social Media Monitoring for Early Warning of Public Safety Issues

A friend posted a humorous photo on Facebook the other day of a sign that read “In Case of Fire Exit Don't Tweet SignFire… Exit building before Tweeting about it.”  Hopefully it’s a made-up sign just to get a laugh, but the truth is actually closer than you think.  The intersection of the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the ubiquitous nature of social media is creating a tremendous amount of relevant data about the physical world not previously seen before – what is happening, where it’s happening, to whom, by whom in some cases and when.  Not usually early adopters, public safety officials are starting to take notice.

Here’s a real-world story: (more…)

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