Chris Boorman

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman is Informatica's Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Enablement and Informatica University. He is responsible for Informatica's global voice to the market which includes corporate, partner and field marketing. In addition he is responsible for technical and sales enablement together with Informatica University. A strong proponent of social media, he leads Informatica's voice into social networks and is a visionary and proponent of helping customers leverage social networks for their competitive advantage. He joined Informatica with more than 20 years of international marketing leadership experience at enterprise software category leaders including SDL,, VERITAS and Oracle. Most recently, he was chief marketing officer at SDL, a leading global information management enterprise software vendor offering language translation technology and services. Prior to joining SDL, Boorman was vice president for EMEA marketing at, the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management services. Before, he led EMEA marketing for nearly a decade at the leading enterprise software vendor, VERITAS. He also held various positions in consulting, pre-sales support and product marketing during his 10-year tenure at Oracle. Additionally, Boorman was a founding board member of the European Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) as well as a board member of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA). Boorman attended Southampton University in the United Kingdom earning a doctorate in magnetism and engineering, a master's degree in cryogenics and applications and a first class honours bachelor's degree in physics.

2013 Predictions from the World of Data

Let me open by stating what I’m not: I’m not one of those psychic data scientists who can predict the future – although sometimes I wish I had gone to the same school that Nate Silver did! However, my hindsight has always been phenomenal!  It’s been a year of immense change and one thing I can predict with 100% certainty for 2013 – more change!

It’s become an annual tradition at this time of year to share technology predictions and trends that we should pay attention to in the coming year.  They have already started coming through thick and fast – see here for predictions relating to B2B Marketing, Social Media, IDC, Gartner, Tech and even Jim Cramer! I’ve been thinking about this lately and I want to share my top predictions. Read on and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear what your predictions are for 2013 too. Let’s see how close we are on what’s to come. (more…)

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The CMO’s New BFF – Data!

At the recent Dreamforce in San Francisco, I was privileged to participate in the
 CMO Advisory Board. During that meeting, and as a strong theme throughout the entire Dreamforce conference,
it was clear that the CMO is now a valuable target for  This week I was also delighted to participate in a meeting with one of our partners who announced their intent to also target the CMO.  I recently read a great article on Forbes entitled “How Forrester’s Former CMO Is Using Big Data To Build Next Generation CRM“. Then another entitled “Does SaaS, Cloud make the CMO the CIO“.  This all comes on the back of analyst house Gartner predicting that CMO’s will soon outspend the CIO in technology!
So what is all the fuss about all of a sudden? The answer is “data” which is fast becoming the CMO’s new BFF (best friend forever)! (more…)
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Social Media, Social Engagement, Social Commerce, Social MDM – Social Everywhere!

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a DM Radio panel on the subject of “social”. You can find a replay of the show here Going Social: Strategies and Policies for Harnessing Social Media.

I was joined by Andrew Collins (Medallia), Wilson Raj (SAS) and Clay Richardson (Forrester). We could have carried on discussing for hours on this subject which drew out great passion and enthusiasm from participants and moderators alike!  The conversation covered a lot of ground from the role of social in driving process alignment within enterprises to opening up new routes to market through social MDM.

My key take-aways were: (more…)

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Big Data: The Current State of ETL into and on Hadoop

In my previous blog on this subject, I talked about the incredible innovations of Hadoop as a new analytics engine, and the innovations of Informatica in removing un-maintainable and complex hand-coding. In this blog I want to drill into the world of Informatica ETL and Hadoop in order to show why these two innovations are critical to augmenting traditional data processing approaches as companies begin to look at leveraging Big Data for new analytics. (more…)

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Big Data Innovation in Analytics (Hadoop) and Hand-coding (Informatica)

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a big data panel at the Pacific Crest investor’s conference (the replay available here.) I was joined on the panel by Hortonworks, MapR, Datastax and Microsoft. There is clearly a lot of interest in the world of big data and how the market is evolving. I came away from the panel with four fundamental thoughts: (more…)

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Big Data, Tipping Points and Disposable Data Integration

At our recent Informatica World Conference I had a revelation. These don’t come often to me, and it was made all the clearer to me when I was watching EMC World unfold across the social networks recently as well.

My revelation relates to the impact Big Data is going to have on enterprises and their approach to integrating data. I believe that Big Data will be the tipping point that will force enterprises to move away from hand-coding and other disposable data integration (or “DDI”) techniques. Just as we did 30 years ago when enterprises threw out hand coding and embraced the relational database; just as we did 15 years ago when enterprises threw out hand coding and embraced storage management software, now so too must enterprises throw out hand coding that delivers disposable data integration and embrace commercially available data integration software for true enterprise data integration. There is simply no other way of managing the enormous volumes, variety and velocity that will hit all enterprises in the coming years. (more…)

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Cloud Computing – Will History Repeat Itself or Will We Learn?

I was reading a blog from Forbes last week called “Will Big Data Flop Like CRM?”.  The premise of the article is that collecting more data than ever before may simply let enterprises “screw-up in more detail.”  It goes on to postulate that CRM has failed to deliver on it’s promise.   It had me thinking, and commenting, since it gets to the heart of the fundamental issue enterprises are facing today – namely trying to drive value from a vastly complex world driven by an application centric era in which the very essence of the customer has been lost.  Indeed, enterprises today have lost the ability to uncover the true value of data and interestingly we are in danger of repeating history again with the explosion of cloud applications that are hitting enterprises.  So bear with me – this blog post is less to do with Big Data, but tries to answer the question “As CRM and other applications move to the cloud are we simply going to see history repeat itself?” (more…)

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The Power of Data: From Traditional Loyalty Marketing, to Social Marketing to Mobile Marketing

Last week at our worldwide users’ conference, Informatica World 2012  we outlined a vision for the future of marketing. Through specific keynote demonstrations we showcased how to open up new channels to market through social and mobile marketing. These advances can only be delivered through a clear and pragmatic understanding of data combined with trust – data about your customers and their trust in you to open up their social networks and invite you in. (more…)

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That’s a Wrap – Informatica World 2012!

What an amazing week we had last week in Vegas with the Informatica community. I hope you all enjoyed the conference as much as I did. Having spent the last year pulling together the various components, it is wonderful when it all comes together! There were many memorable highlights ranging from  the Product Councils on the Monday, to the pool party that evening to the keynotes on Tuesday including the launch of the Informatica 9.5 Platform, breakouts, hands-on labs, the Executive Summit, the Advisory Boards, the party at Haze nightclub and the closing keynotes.

Here are a few of my favorites – what are yours? (more…)

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Informatica World is Coming – Will You Be There?

On May 15th at the Aria in Las Vegas, Informatica will be gathering with you, our customers and partners, to celebrate another year of great innovation at the 2012 Informatica World Conference. I hope you will be there to join us as we recognize your achievements, share insights about the best use of Informatica’s technology, help you to gain greater value from your data and give you a sneak peek into our future roadmap.  (more…)

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