One Response to Information Governance vs. Data Governance – Who Cares?

  1. Chris Bader says:

    Thanks for you post about data governance vs. information governance. It seems like the words “data” and “information” in regard to governance tend to be used interchangeable, and I am just a guilty of that. I like the concept of using business context to help differentiate between data and information. I will add that to my definitions. If we look at data as data without the business context, my opinion is that the business process owners still have a vested interest, and ownership, in the accuracy of that data. If they are the ones creating and editing that data, the more accurate it is, the more useful information will come out of that data. Being on the business side of governance, my tendency is to have as much ownership over data and information accuracy by the business owners as possible. This can’t be done without the infrastructure that is architected and provided by IT; the business is dependent upon that strong infrastructure. The ownership of the accuracy, governance of the data and information seems to lie with the business side of the enterprise.

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