Strata and Dinner with my French Neighbor: Part deux

So I missed Strata this year so I can only report back what I heard from my team.  I was out on the road talking with customers while the gang was at Strata,  talking to customers and prospective customers.   That said, the conversations they had with new cool Hadoop companies were and my conversations were quite similar.  Lots of talk about trials on Hadoop, but outside of the big internet firms, some startups that are focused on solving “big data” problems and some wall street firms, most companies are still kicking the Hadoop tires.

Which reminds me of a picture my neighbor took of a presentation that he saw on Hadoop.  The presenter had a slide with a rehash of an old joke that went something like this (I am paraphrasing here as I don’t have the exact quote):

“Hadoop is a lot like teenage sex.  Everyone says they do it, but most are not.  And for those who are doing it, most of them aren’t very good at it yet. “

So if you haven’t gotten started on your Hadoop project, don’t worry, you aren’t as far behind as you think.

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  1. Clarke Patterson says:

    I think the gang missed a pretty significant part of the discussion last week, Todd, namely that it’s no longer about Hadoop but rather next gen data management platforms built on Hadoop that complement existing data management systems (a data warehouse, for example). At Cloudera, we’re calling that the Enterprise Data Hub, a central place to put ALL your data, with flexible and cost effective storage, analytics built in and integration out to a broad number of systems to serve that data out to the enterprise in new and meaningful ways.

    So while I get a chuckle out of the joke, fact of the matter is real customers are doing real things with this platform, and not just startups, internet companies and large banks. The innovation on top of the Hadoop stack is such that the complexity is rapidly going away. Take our partnership, for example. The combined power of PowerCenter and Cloudera make it very easy for organizations to get up and running fast. And not just for storage or data processing. Analytics and new insight are happening all over the place. Check out the Patterns and Predictions case study on our website as an excellent example.

    While I’ve only been at Cloudera for 2 short months, it’s become immediately obvious that the market doesn’t want to talk about Hadoop. Instead, they want to talk about how they can modify their data management environment to make Big Data a reality — just so happens that Hadoop based platforms make that possible.

    Are all companies level of experience and expertise in this area equal? Absolutely not. Fortunately, however, the wealth of innovation on top of the stack by INFA, Cloudera and others is bringing it mainstream faster than most care to admit. So while we want to tell these tales about how it’s so complex in reality we’re rapidly moving past that. Collectively we have the opportunity to transform the industry and “go where no one has gone before” (with data).

    Power to the elephant indeed.


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