Creating Secure Test Data Subsets for Salesforce.com Sandboxes

Many Salesforce developers that use sandbox environments for test and development suffer from the following challenges:

  • Lack of relevant data for proper testing and development (empty sandboxes)
  • To fix that problem, they manually copy data from production
  • Which results in exposing sensitive data to unauthorized users
  • And potentially consuming more storage than allocated for sandbox environments (resulting in unexpected costs)

To address these challenges, Informatica just released Cloud Test Data Management for Salesforce.  This solution is designed to give Salesforce admins and developers   the ability to provision secure test data subsets to developers through an easy to use, wizard driven approach.  The application is delivered as a service through a subscription-based pricing model.

The Informatica IT team uses Salesforce internally and validated an ROI based on reducing the amount of developer time used to manually script copying data from production to a sandbox, reducing the amount of time fixing defects due to not having the right test data, and eliminating the risk of a data breach by masking sensitive data.

To learn more about this new offering, watch a demonstration that shows how to create secure test data subsets for Salesforce.  Also, available now, try the free Cloud Data Masking app or take a 30-day Cloud Test Data Management trial.

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