A Toast to Informatica’s Marketplace – Here’s to a Long and Healthy Future.

Happy birthday to Informatica Marketplace!

In a brief 3 years, Informatica’s Marketplace has reached several major milestones including the posting of its 1,000th Block (Application or Service) and surpassing 10,000 unique downloads per month. Over that time, the Blocks posted on the Marketplace have marked the onward progress and evolution of the data management industry from multi-domain MDM to in-memory processing to big data, and beyond. In fact, if one was to go back and take snapshots of which Blocks were posted, and when, it would be a sort of “data” time capsule. To me, that’s one of the most compelling features of the Marketplace. In addition to the plentiful and diverse set of offerings the Marketplace Blocks represent, they are continuously evolving to address the ever changing “data” landscape and are reflective of the latest in technological innovation and best practices.

So what can we expect next from the Marketplace? Let me make a prediction. Over the next 3 years, I believe you will see a profound recognition and appreciation for data as a key enabler of significant and real improvements to business performance and operational effectiveness – and this shift will be driven by the business, not IT. The shift is already underway, but to speed it along will require those of us in the industry to continue to move the conversation beyond “it’s foundational”, and more appropriately position “data” as another lever for the achievement of business goals. In order to do that, we will need to speak in terms that resonate with the customer and frame the data discussion in the context of business performance. At the operational level, how are poor data quality and bad data management practices impacting DSO, inventory turns, on-time manufacturing and delivery, revenue recognition and assurance, leverage spend, etc.? From a financial perspective, how do these data related impacts manifest themselves on the balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow statement – and to what degree?  These are the issues that our customers care about, and our solutions and recommendations should be made with these in mind. And since all solution providers are competing for finite corporate wallet share, those of us in the “data” industry will be at a competitive disadvantage if we don’t adapt.  I strongly believe we will get there, and just like the past 3 years this shift will be marked by the continuing evolution of Informatica’s Marketplace.

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